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Saturday 30 December 2017

Seven black and white pictures of your daily life- Seventh Day

Sangram Keshari Senapati December 30, 2017 0
 Seven black and white pictures of your daily life- Seventh Day
Seven days .... Seven black and white pictures of your daily life .... No faces, No explanations .... Challenge & Tag a friend every day ....

After accepting the challenge from Aliva Sahoo, in the very first day, I shared the photo of Rubik's Cube and on the 2nd day, I have shared another Rubik's Cube wounded with a Dairy milk chocolate cover. On the 3rd day, I have shared a photo of a toy coconut tree. On the 4th day, I have shared the photo of oranges which I love to eat. On this 5th day, I have shared a photo of the remaining parts of a pencil. On the 6th day, I've shared a photo of an old radio. And on this last or 7th day, I've shared a beautiful picture. This picture relates to our culture and tradition.

This is a photo of Sudasa Brata. Sudasa Brata is one festival for Maa Laxmi which celebrated in Odisha. This thread contains 10 layers and the whole thread knot with 10 nuts as per the 10 names of Maa Laxmi. And the married women who worship Maa Laxmi on this day ties it into their right arm and this changed on the next Sudasa Brata. There is a certain rule for this festival. This festival is observed on Thursday. The Thursday, which comes on Sukala Paksha Dasami Tithi (waxing phase of moon) is celebrated as Sudasa Brata.

And with this photo, I've completed the challenge, but I would definitely continue to share these type of photos, but not in a regular basis.

Wednesday 27 December 2017

Seven black and white pictures of your daily life- Sixth Day

Sangram Keshari Senapati December 27, 2017 2
 Seven black and white pictures of your daily life- Sixth Day
Seven days .... Seven black and white pictures of your daily life .... No faces, No explanations .... Challenge & Tag a friend every day ....

After accepting the challenge from Aliva Sahoo, in the very first day, I shared the photo of Rubik's Cube and on the 2nd day, I have shared another Rubik's Cube wounded with a Dairy milk chocolate cover. On the 3rd day, I have shared a photo of a toy coconut tree. On the 4th day, I have shared the photo of oranges which I love to eat. On this 5th day, I have shared a photo of the remaining parts of a pencil. And on this 6th day, I've shared a photo of an old radio.

This radio was bought in 2004. My father had a radio, I had seen that from my childhood. But I had a problem with that radio. Actually, at that time, I used to think that, there were small persons living inside the radio. So, once I opened all the screws with the help of a screw-driver like Rachhod Das Chanchchhad. But, managed to re-arrange them all. After that, I used to unscrew them every time and finally one day had come, when that radio got totally damaged by me and my father break that.

It's the time of 2004 when he bought his first motorbike and coincidentally, there was a marriage at our place. The sister of our neighbours was going to marry. At that time, he bought this radio. That moment was the happiest moment for me. But I hadn't opened that at that time since it was new. There was no electricity in our village and we didn't have the TV too. So, this radio is for everything form entertainment to news and cricket score. 

And finally, the devil arrived, electricity. And again the courage reappeared inside me to play in electric current. Till that, I had read about the electricity and some uses of electronic devices. So, I bought a delimiter which would supply appropriate current to the radio. To make this happen, I started rearranging the wiring system and the final result made it damage. Again I repaired it from a mechanic in our village. But after that, I show many troubles and this time I break it down. 

This was my story of about my radio. Yes, now I'm listening from the All India Radio app. And yes, at that time, I used to love every program and now those things hadn't changed. 

Tuesday 26 December 2017

Seven black and white pictures of your daily life- Fiveth Day

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 Seven black and white pictures of your daily life- Fiveth Day
Seven days .... Seven black and white pictures of your daily life .... No faces, No explanations .... Challenge & Tag a friend every day .... 

After accepting the challenge from Aliva Sahoo, in the very first day, I shared the photo of Rubik's Cube and on the 2nd day, I have shared another Rubik's Cube wounded with a Dairy milk chocolate cover. On the 3rd day, I have shared a photo of a toy coconut tree. On the 4th day, I have shared the photo of oranges which I love to eat. And on this fifth day, I have captured the dusts comeout from a pencile cutter.

This photo shows that, we could reuse our garbage and could make some beautifu designs from these waste materials with a little effort.

Today, I was cutting a new pencile for my sister and these particles come out from that. When I took it to throgh away, I got an idea to click a photo and the final result is just awesome. You could feel it.

Monday 25 December 2017

Seven black and white pictures of your daily life: Day- 4

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 Seven black and white pictures of your daily life: Day- 4
Seven days .... Seven black and white pictures of your daily life .... No faces, No explanations .... Challenge & Tag a friend every day .... 

After accepting the challenge from Aliva Sahoo, in the very first day, I shared the photo of Rubik's Cube and on the 2nd day, I have shared another Rubik's Cube wounded with a Dairy milk chocolate cover. On the 3rd day, I have shared a photo of a toy coconut tree. And on this 4th day, I have shared the photo of oranges. 

Actually, this photo is not giving such moral stories like previous, but it gives a pleasure when you eat it. Yes, this should be our aim to give pleasure everyone who comes into our life.

Sunday 24 December 2017

Seven black and white pictures of your daily life: Day- 3

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 Seven black and white pictures of your daily life: Day- 3
Seven days .... Seven black and white pictures of your daily life .... No faces, No explanations .... Challenge & Tag a friend every day .... 

After accepting the challenge from Aliva Sahoo, in the very first day, I shared the photo of Rubik's Cube and on the 2nd day, I have shared another Rubik's Cube wounded with a Dairy milk chocolate cover. On this 3rd day, I have clicked a photo of a coconut tree which was not real and made up to decorate the house by placing it on the table or at the self-showcase. Today, I challenged to Aditi Ruhela, a Panjabi Wikipedian friend.

These are made up of from different things and get a new shape by the creator. All the materials used to make this are nothing when they are not combined with all. But, when they join together forms a beautiful thing which decorates the house. We are like those raw materials of this toy-tree. We are nothing when we are alone and we are everything in a group. But, the raw materials didn't forget their features and job when there are useless too.

Saturday 23 December 2017

Seven black and white pictures of your daily life: Day- 2

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 Seven black and white pictures of your daily life: Day- 2
Seven days .... Seven black and white pictures of your daily life .... No faces, No explanations .... Challenge & Tag a friend every day ....
After accepting the challenge from Aliva Sahoo, in the very first day, I shared the photo of Rubik's Cube on this second day, I have clicked a 3*3 Rubik's  Cube wounded with the cover of Dairy Milk chocolate cover and placed over a novel, "Till the last Breath" by Durjoy Datta. Today, I challenged to Nihar Mohanty, an Odia Wikipedian from Bhubaneswar.

This photo also shows some interesting story from my side;
  • Rubik's cube is not shown here properly, but it is doing its job and it would do it in future also. Yes, you could do your job whether you are at the front or at the back.
  • The Rubik's cube was wounded with a chocolate cover. I had eaten the chocolate, but didn't through the wrap cover anywhere, because it might create some problem to the environment. That's why I used that as a designer cover or etc. Yes, we could reuse the waste materials.
  • The wrap cover was protecting the chocolate and now the chocolate is no more. But, the wrap cover is doing the same protecting job for another product. Yes, we have to do our job, no matter where we are.
  • Reading book is really necessary because it gives more and more knowledge and definitely changes your mindset with the limited things you are associated with.
I put this book because this book shows the love for our life till the last breath. And yes, after the last breath of a pretty girl, she also saved the life another boy by her heart. Her heart started beating his breath.

Friday 22 December 2017

Seven black and white pictures of your daily life: Day- 1

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Seven black and white pictures of your daily life: Day- 1
Seven days .... Seven black and white pictures of your daily life .... No faces, No explanations .... Challenge & Tag a friend every day .... 

I don't have any idea, who have started this challenge. But, it's really an amazing and interesting game I think. I was challenged by Aliva Sahoo, one friend from Odia Wiki Puri Tungi. So, I have to accept that challenge. And it was up to me to accept it or ignore it, but I choose to have some fun.

Actually, this challenge includes seven black and white photos of our daily life to be posted on any social media. All are doing this on Facebook, so I also choose that and also like to share on Twitter too. 

So, it is the day- 1. In this day 1, I had clicked a photo of my favourite 4*4 Rubik's Cube putting on my Laptop. Both, Laptop and Rubik's cube are my favourite, so on this first day, I wish to click this first. And there is the rule not to explain about the photo, but I can explain here. So, no problem. Also, there is another optional rule to challenge some of your friends. So on the very first day, I challenged Abha Pradha, another friend cum sister from the same Odia Wiki Puri Tungi and she also accept that challenge by posting her click of the day.

The Rubik's cube in the photo gives a great message for the society. It's very difficult to them, who think it's difficult and also it's difficult to them, who thinks it's easy but even don't try to solve it. But in reality, the solving procedure is not so hard. Anybody could solve it if he/she wish to solve it with proper desire and steps. 

Sunday 26 November 2017

9 Years to 26/11 Mumbai Attack

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9 Years to 26/11 Mumbai Attack

In 2008 November, there was an India tour by England cricket team. On that day, the match was at Barabati Stadium, Cuttack. Continuously India won 5 matches and there were two more matches. During the night, we heard a sad news about Mumbai Attack. A number of people killed by the terrorists and one terrorist caught alive.

After that, the England team returned to their own land safely. Every people of India may feel sad about the attack. And yes, the other countries may feel sad about this attack. Pakistan who separated from India and our motherland treat that country as her child. That child who only destroys his mother. Every-time the terrorists attacked India are from Pakistan. That country wished to become the father of terrorism and became a haven for the terrorists.

If you keep the fire on your laps, it must burn your lap too. Yes, you could through some fire to the others, but that fire won't spare you. The same thing happening to Pakistan also. Those terrorists, whom that country give all facilities sometimes also attacking them. The terrorist organizations who are saying that they want peace-creating only violation and killing people is not a way to bring peace. Yes, by killing people you may bring peace, but there would no-one to live on earth.

In that attack, a number of families lost their love and some also lost their full family. People had gone for the holiday trip and they didn't have the idea that, the trip of enjoyment might become their last trip.The time passed away and on this day we remember those people who killed in that incident. They lost their valuable lives for the sake of some stupid and insecure terrorists.

I don't have much idea about these incidents, but the terrorists should gain some knowledge about humanity and the real ambition of human. They are killing in the name of religion and the religion is killed by them.

This painting is drawn by Saswat Debadatta.

Tuesday 21 November 2017

Love for Odia Movies

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Love for Odia Movies

I born and raised in a village where everyone speaks Odia only. Odia is the global language of that village. At that time, we only saw the Odia TV Channels which is provided to Doordarshan, Listen to Odia Radio only. That radio was the government station like Air Odisha. Till my 10th I had seen the Odia newspapers only.

I think everyone in our village love to watch Odia movies and the Yatra (Play). Though I raised within those people, I became that type. I love to watch Odia movie. Yes, now I don't like the Yatra, but there was a time when I love to watch Yatra. With the flow of time, my taste also changed and then I started watching Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali and English movies. But I don't give up my habit to watch Odia movies. All are complaining that the Odia movies don't have the original story. But, I don't see that. I only see the good things which might not be in the original movies. Even I had seen a story in 4 languages. Movies like Pokiri and Okkadu in Telugu had remade in some other languages and I had seen everything. The Pokiri movie remade in Tamil, Kannada and Hindi and I saw a number of variation within that. Okkadu remade in Odia, Tamil, Bengali as well as in Hindi. And in every language, there is a variation. If we are watching a movie a number of times, then why shouldn't we watch a single movie by various actors.

Yes, I love to watch Odia movie. It's true that I couldn't see a movie in a theatre. Because I don't have the patience to sit in a single place for 2 to 3 hours. That's why I depend on internet and TV to watch the movies.

Drawn by: Saswat Debadatta.

Winter Morning and Me

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Winter Morning and Me
Nowadays, it's really a hard thing to wake up in the early morning. Mainly, it's next to impossible during winter. But, we are suffering from a maniac to sleep late in the night. But, if we sleep early in the night, then we may wake up early. In winter, we become too lazy to wake up.

By the use of different social networking site, like Facebook, Twitter, What's App, Instagram, Tumblr, etc we are becoming more lazier and the online shopping sites helping in that. Due to the social sites, we couldn't able to sleep early. I'm also suffering from this kind of problem. Couldn't sleep early in the night.

Drawn by Saswat Debadatta.
All had advised, "Early to bed, Early to rise" is good for health. But, these days, it's not so easy to rise early. Most of people love to do exercises and go for morning walk during winter days.

Monday 20 November 2017

Doubt in Love

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Doubt in Love

According to some people and books, LOVE is the best feeling and relationship in this world. The love may be various types starting from family to some object. But, regularly, we consider the relationship between a boy and a girl as love. Numbers of writers, poets had written about love. The movies having love stories and the novels having love stories are loved by a huge audience. 

Like KNOWLEDGE, Love is a special thing which increases by spreading. The attraction and love started from ancient time. It is here since the creation of the universe. But, sometimes it decreases within people. The main factor of the decrement is Doubt and Lies. If someone started to doubt another, then their love surely decreases and a time will come, when they both get separated from each other. The lies also increase the doubt. 

Friday 17 November 2017

A Cup of Tea- The Power of Education

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A Cup of Tea- The Power of Education

Today, I was scrolling my Facebook timeline and saw a video shared by Manisha. That video was just two and half minutes. It was shared on The Creativity India facebook page. Jitendra Rai a short film creator had made that film. The title was "A Cup Of Tea." 

But the movie is not about the love for tea or nothing about the tea. It was a duty and a special for the society. At the beginning of the video, a girl may be from some outside came near to a village by boat and was capturing a photo of a little boy and then that boy took his bag and started to run. Then that lady also follows him but couldn't catch him. She couldn't able to run towards him, but that boy intentionally used her to run after him.

She ran through a forest and crossed some people also and asked some people to catch that boy, but no-one catches him. She then entered the village area and then crossed some houses and reached a place, where she found a welcome board for her and that boy was there. The welcome message was written on a small blackboard, where some other children with some elder people were present with the study materials. They want to study, but no-one was there to teach them. That's why that little boy used her to run after him and should know about their problem.

She reached there with an anger within her and saw that boy as well as others. She looked the surroundings where she found everyone needs her as a teacher. But that little boy made her run and she had lost some energy. At that time, an old lady offered her a cup of tea putting that on a slate, which she might use to practice the letters. 

How someone could refuse to a cup of tea and that was on the behalf of a number of people in that village. That cup was not filled with tea only, that was filled with their love. The love for their teacher and the love towards education. How an educated person kicks the someone's love for the education. So, she also took that cup from the old lady and teach them.

Might be she left that place, but some would come next, to teach them and to guide them. Education is important to become something in life. It would definitely change the world someday. Yes, those people have the potential to become educated and they would become one. Because education does not only lie on the certificates, it lies within us.

State-Level Childrens Day Celebration by Naveen Patnaik

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State-Level Childrens Day Celebration by Naveen Patnaik

Children are important for the nation and to be a good person, they should have the great childhood. That's why the children's day celebrated on 14th November in India. It was the date of birth of the 1st Prime Minister of Independent India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He loved children the most, that's why he suggested celebrating his birthday as children's day. 

For the first time, the government of Odisha organized a state-level children's day celebration. A state-level celebration organized at Bhubaneswar with a huge number of students and also the program was live through social media, Television channels and aired also. At that program, two teenager singers of Odisha, Ananya Sritam Nanda and Satyajit Jena had performed. The Prince Dance Academy also performed with Odisha Dance Academy. The Chief Minister Sri Naveen Patnaik also came to the event and give around 12 minutes of speech in Odia. Then the students do the promise to read well and be the best.

This is a great initiative for the children. Also, the program was shown to the school children through the TV or Projector. This program also celebrated at Panchayat level, Block level as well as in district level. Some students joined where they wished to join with their friends. But the problem is, some made this as a political campaign and some also commented on the live video as that program was some campaigning for their political party.

Image may contain: 5 people, people sitting
Block-Level Children's day celebration at Bonth. (Source: Harinarayan Mohanty)


Image may contain: 1 person, standing and indoor
Panchayat Level Children's Day Celebration at Nilok GP. (Source: Hari Narayan Mohanty)

Image may contain: 14 people, crowd and indoor
Panchayat Level Children's Day Celebration at Nilok GP. (Source: Hari Narayan Mohanty)
In some places, students also left before finishing the program. Yes, that happened due to the lack of preparation and some other activities, which the students didn't like. This is not to criticize anyone, but to appeal to all for co-operation and please know what to do where. 

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor
Children left before the meeting was over at Bonth. (Source: Hari Narayan Mohanty)

Wednesday 15 November 2017

Rasagola Vs Rosogolla

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Rasagola Vs Rosogolla

It started from 2015 when Odias celebrate #RasagolaDibasa on Niladribije of Lord Jagannatha. After that, some Bengali claimed that Rasagola originated form their state and then Odisha also reply to them. After that, the Rasagola war started in between Odisha and Bengal. 

Then Odisha Government made some committees to get the proof of Rasagola and some found it was written in Dandi Ramayana. Dandi Ramayana was written by Balaram Das around 800 years ago. And the government declared that they had applied with all the proofs for the Rasagola GI tag. 

Yesterday, Mamata Banarjee the Bengal CM tweeted about the GI tag for Rasagola. She tweeted that the sweet news for her state. They got the GI status for Rosogolla. 

After that, some media reported the news that Bengal won the GI status over Odisha. They even didn't try to find the original news.

A number of Media reported the news and relate it to Odisha. (Source: OpIndia.com)

But some reported that they had claimed for the Banglar Raosogolla (Bengal Rosogolla). OpIndia also gets the report from Mr Chinnaraja G Naidu, Assistant Registrar of Trade Marks & GI, that the GI status had given to the Banglar Rosogolla, not to the "Rasagola" or "Rasgulla". 

After that Odia twipples got fire on Mamata Banarjee and on our Government too. Some also made funny pictures on Odisha government and Mamata.

After that Odisha CM's twitter handle had tweeted a photo about to apply for the GI status for Odishara Rasagola.

And finally, the truth came for the Odia people that, Odisha had not applied for the GI tag.

On 15th November, finally, the officer woke up and arrange a meeting for the GI tag. 

And then decided to apply for the GI status by searching for proper proof again and God knows when they would apply for it.

Sunday 12 November 2017

Smog in Delhi

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Smog in Delhi
Delhi it the capital of India and it is like another heart of India as compared to Mumbai, Kolkatta and Chennai. Once upon a time, Delhi was the main attraction of India. Even today more number of foreigners come to Delhi to visit the historical attractions like Tajmahal, India Gate, Kutab Minar etc. Since, it's the capital of India, more number of people used to go there. And it's the grown up city in India.

It's become like a trend to live in the big cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kokatta etc. For that reason, a big issue arises daily know as traffic jam. The city has more population than it's capacity. To grow the city faster we cut the trees and made a grown up city. But now another important and big problem arose in Delhi that the pollution. Yes, to avoid the pollution, which need is tree. But we had cut them before. So, now the total environment is surrounded by smog.

Mainly we know about the fog which is mixture forms in winter and it create a small problem. But more number of people enjoy the fog. But, smog is another form of mixture which forms by the combination of smoke and fog. Mainly the fog mixed the chemical smoke originating from the plants, motor vehicles etc and forms smog. The smog creates the visualization problem, which causes a series of accident in the same place. Even the smog spread to the near by towns of Delhi.

The time arose to think about the permanent solution for this kind of problem. If we don't think about the permanent solution, a day would come, when the sunlight couldn't come to the earth surface due to these polluted smog. In the ancient literature, someone had maintained that, there would be seven days of night only. The sun light won't come to the earth. And this would gonna happen in the next future.

Saturday 11 November 2017

National Education Day

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National Education Day

Education is the primary need for all. The food, cloth and home are necessary to live in this world and Education are necessary to have a better life as well as to make a better world. Education is really necessary to overcome many problems. Education is the only thing which would become more by spreading and donating. 

A king is worshipped in his state only, but an educated person is worshipping by the whole world. Even we are reading from the authors of foreign countries. Education is a means to alleviate poverty in a developing society. Not only this, it reduces major issues like unemployment, child labour, child marriage, etc. because people become more educated & tend to do sensible things.

In India, National Education Day is observed to commemorate the birth anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the first education minister of the independent India, who served from 15 August 1947 until 2 February 1958.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development, India had announced on 11 September 2008 to commemorate the birthday of this great son of India by recalling his contribution to the cause of education in India. November 11 every year, from 2008 onwards, being celebrated as the National Education Day, without declaring it a holiday. 

The objective of celebrating National Education Day should be to strengthen our educational institutions and to raise the quality of education to greater heights. It should be an occasion to remember Maulana Azad's contribution in laying the foundations of the education system in an independent India as well as to evaluate our current performance in this field. So on this day, all people who are involved in the field of education should come together to seek ways to advance India's prestige in the world, as a knowledge society and to focus on how to educate our people.

This year, the National Education day has been celebrated at my high school, where I read for 3 years from 2007 to 2010. We should aware people about the need for education. An educated person must change the bad things in this world and education is the only need to make a great world.

Thursday 9 November 2017

Pay From Your Heart

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Pay From Your Heart

Today, when I was scrolling my Facebook Timeline, I saw a video shared by one of my friend about an Auto-Rickshaw driver and his initiative. An autorickshaw driver named Udaysri Ramunal Yadab from Ahemadabad, Gujarat who stared auto driving from 2010. He named his auto as Gift Economy which would serve to all. Gift Economy means the passenger in his auto is paying the fair of his next passenger and the fair or 1st passenger is totally from him. If somebody couldn't able to pay the fair, it would be ok for him. But that passenger would leave with a smile on his face. He named that paying process as "PAY FROM YOUR HEART".

Image result for pay from your heart

He got this inspiration from a blind person named Mr Mahendra who was staying in a blind hostel. In 2010 Udaysri had seen him when he was crossing a road. At that time Udaysri helped him to cross the road and left him at the blind hostel without any fair. When Mahendra had left at the hostel gate, he told him that when he reminds him, that smile would come on his face at that time.

Related image

And everyone has to face the problems in the starting. It is a universal rule. He also faced some struggles at the beginning. Yes, of course, passengers think that he must be a mental one. Even his family members also think like that, because his family was fully depending on that auto. But, if you do some work from your heart, then someday everyone would understand you. Like that, passengers started to love his Gift Economy and they paid from their heart to him and for the next passengers. He also pays for some children which system is a part of his Gift Economy.

This shows the story of a real hero. Service to Mankind is Service to God.

Wednesday 8 November 2017

Listen to the Whispers of Heart

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Listen to the Whispers of Heart

Today when I was scrolling my Twitter Time-Line, I saw a tweet from Mahesh Babu about wishing her sister Manjula along with a YouTube video link. Mahesh Babu is the most favourite actor of mine in Telugu Film Industry. So, I had a little knowledge about his family also. Manjula had produced the film Pokri in 2006 which was the biggest hit at that time. This film was also remade in Tamil starring Vijay, then in Hindi starring Salman Khan and also in Kannada. 

In that videos, Manjula had told a little bit about her life and her previous ambitions which couldn't be fulfiled due to some reasons. She was trying to become an actress, but couldn't. Even she debuted in a movie, but the fans of her father didn't accept her as an actress. Then she became the film producer and produced films like Show, Nani, Pokri and Ye Maaya Chesave. But not continued for a long period.

And then she realized the actual problem. That problem was within her. She was depending on someone to be something in her life. After that, she took her own responsibility and followed her own. She began to listen to the whispers of her heart. And of course, she felt the creativity within her. Then she felt free for the first time in her life. And then her life changed of course. Yes, every person has a purpose in life. And all have some unique and extraordinary talent to fulfil their purpose. Just follow your heart and definitely you feel happy with yourself. And even with small achievements, you feel successful. The journey to the destination is the actual success and it gives the actual happiness.

* The titled photograph is from Durjoy Datta's book "When Only Love Remains".

Monday 6 November 2017

Shut The Phone Up

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Shut The Phone Up
Today, I saw a video endorsed by Manforce Condom company in my Facebook Timeline. That video was on the mobile phone. Sometimes, people think bad about the condom companies and the endorsed star. But, I never think bad about them, because they care for the people in this world. They create awareness against some incurable diseases. Yes, the truth is bold and no-one loves the actual truth about him. 


They made a video on the mobile phone videos. People love to capture every moment in their life. Even some capture their first date and kiss everything. Some also made videos of their lovely moments on their mobile phone. Yes, it's their life and their love for something. But sometimes, these lovely moments are shared with others by some bad guys. 

If a person has some intimate scene on his phone and he lost his phone. And he doesn't have any strong protection on his phone. The person who finds that phone might use those in a bad way like sharing with others or uploading in various sites. Then what should we do? We even couldn't save us from that embarrassment. 

So, the company made a video to create awareness among people about this problem. "Prevention is better than cure." So, we should prevent us from the problems form the early stage. So, we won't bother about the cure techniques. We should care for our life as well as about the other one. Now-a-days, a number of cases are arises due to this problem. Some even suffering from different types of misunderstandings.

* I wrote this to create awareness. People should care for themselves. So, do those things which might not create some problem in future.

Wednesday 1 November 2017

World's Best Boyfriend

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World's Best Boyfriend
I started to read English novels as per someone's suggestion. The first book was "When Only Love Remains" by Durjoy Datta. That book created a place for Durjoy inside me. After that I read his latest Book, "The Boy Who Loved" and that love story was also good. Then I read "World's Worst Best Boyfriend." I had ordered this book when Dinesh bhai had suggested me about the book. Hence the love for the book increased within me.

Finally, the book arrived and started to read it. This was the 3rd of Durjoy for me. But unfortunately, couldn't manage to finish it within time. Due to some other involvement, I took almost one month to complete it. The tagline of the book is superb, "Because Every Ordinary Girl Deserves An Extraordinary Love Story."

This story is about a boy, Dhruv whose parents got divorced when he was twelve years old. Usually, a small child needs the support of his/her parents to make their life wonderful. But this guy couldn't get that from his parents. At the age, when he usually loved his mother more, people inside his school started talking bad about his mother. The misunderstanding has the power to destroy everything. This happened to his parents. So finally they got divorced and Dhruv loved to be with his father due to his mother's affair with some other person. How a little boy like Dhruv would tolerate that kind of relation of his mother with another person. He started hating to his mother but couldn't get a reason to love his father too.

Any love story couldn't complete without any girl. Here the girl is Aranya who was suffering from some kind of skin disease. It's the rule of our society to hate everyone who had some disability. That also happened to Aranya. Her family members also hate her due to that kind of skin. For the first time, Dhruv saw her, didn't miss the opportunity to laugh at her skin. But those things were the normal things for her. Even her father was depending on her scholarship for her studies. So, she had to work hard to survive in this selfish world.

Finally, she got admitted in Dhruv's school with the scholarship.  They both were in the same class. At that time, Dhruv's mother got divorced. So Dhruv was disappointed to her mother. He used to live with his father. His father was getting drunk in daytime also. So, he wore some dirty clothes. He had to take care of him by himself. His mother was the teacher in his school, but Dhruv kept some distance from his mother. He didn't have any friend in the school, so he used to sit on the back bench and always tried to hide him from others. Once Aranya introduced her to him because she didn't have any friend also. Some parents advised their children to keep a distance from Aranya due to her disease. Finally, they both became friends and she used to share her tiffin with him.

The boy, who couldn't get the love from his parents got a love in his class. So, he started dreaming about her and her love. Someday, he kissed her and some guys saw that. So that news spread all the school and their parents were called to the school. That moment was the ice breaking moment for Aranya. Since her parents used to hate her and this issue increased their anger for her. So, she lied in front of the discipline committee about Dhruv. Previously, Dhruv was disappointed with her mother and now form the girl, whom he started loving to form his heart. Once his father had told him that girls lie. So, that phrase came to his mind and started hating the girls. Finally, the discipline committee suspended him from the school. He grew up with the thought that "girls lies." From that incident, Aranya's parents also hate her more.

Time passed away and then Dhruv got admitted to an Engineering college where he saw a girl with the same skin disease. He identified her and the hate inside him had increased in those past years. He started to interfere with all the work by that girl to make her disappointed. In those past years, he became like his father. His father used to drink more, he also started to drink. He grew up like a monster and became like a Hulk, who don't have the understanding power. In college, he used to fight against the seniors. He was physically strong enough to defeat anyone from his college. At the same time, Aranya used to concentrate on her studies to get a scholarship for higher studies.

Dhuruv found a girl, who was more beautiful than Aranya and Aranya had the only relationship with her teachers. She fell for a professor, Raghuvir. But in every step of her college life, she faced Dhruv like a villain. So, he was referred to the "Worst" boyfriend, but he also did something for which he became the best boyfriend who accepted a girl who was not such a beauty. He helped her in some difficulties and save her from Raghuveer at last.

Everyone has some special thing, which might differ from others. And beauty lies inside not on the skin. Every person deserves a good love story, that proves through this story. And true love would never hide from yourself. Some love relationships are not the love, those are for some attraction. So, be kind to everyone. Don't know who might come to your life like a stranger and become the important one.

Sunday 29 October 2017

1999 Super Cyclone in Odisha

Sangram Keshari Senapati October 29, 2017 0
1999 Super Cyclone in Odisha
It was the time when I was just 4 years old. That's why I don't have a full memory, but I remembered a few scenes from that incident. This year that cyclone completed 18 years. That was the last cyclone of 20th Century. Maybe nature did it in a huge amount. 

Durga Puja was finished at that time. We were 6 people at my home, me, my parents, my little sister and one of my aunty with her daughter. At that time, my was too small, even she couldn't talk. I don't have any idea about the starting of the cyclone. When I woke up in the morning I saw, a small house beside our main house was broken due to heavy rainfall. In that house, we had our kitchen and cow-shed. My father shifted the cows to another room of our main house. He couldn't shift all the items from the kitchen. Luckily we had shifted all our rice bags from that room to our living room. That house was totally broken. Some of our trees were grounded over the night. 

At that time, there was no electricity in our village. So people couldn't get much information about the cyclone. A number of people lost their home. At that time, there were not many buildings. The people who lost their houses went to our High School because, at that time, there were the cement buildings. Even we had lost that house and had only the room vacant. The other was occupied by two cows and one buffalo. At that time we had a small radio, which helped to get some idea about the flood in all over Odisha. All the papaya trees and banana trees were grounded inside our boundary. Those papayas and bananas were our food in those days. Since that was the rainy season, people had made some water root to the canal. That's why more water flowed to the canal thought that way. 

After the cyclone, the relief came from different sources. Polyethene and some foods donated by some people. At that time, we saw a number of helicopters in the sky. 4 to 5 helicopters were flying on the sky per day. At the end of the cyclone, a huge number of monkies died in our village. A number of trees grounded in that cyclone, but luckily, anyone didn't get any hurt from that. Maybe that was due to god.

 It was a long year to that cyclone, but people have not forgotten that fear. Even they bring some foods for the next seven days when this 29th October comes every year. The last cyclone of the century gave a huge fear in everyone's mind.

Saturday 28 October 2017

Insects inside Ice-Cream

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Insects inside Ice-Cream
Once, Nidhi Aja had shared a photograph of ice-cream seller in twitter. That picture was a small ice-cream seller who used to sell ice-creams by travelling with a box carrying ice-creams through their cycle. Those type of ice-cream sellers were used to buy the ice-creams from the ice-cream factory and sell in villages.

It's the time when I was a small child. I was suffering from Eosinophils, that's why I didn't have the permission to eat ice-creams. Since I was a child, I used to demand ice-creams every time. That's why my mother had told me that, there are insects inside the ice-creams. From that days, I used to think about that and stayed from ice-cream. I had a fear that, those insects would eat my teeth. 

But, I lost two of my teeth due to those insect attack. After that, I bought one ice-cream at school, because there was not my mother. But, again I lost another tooth. After that, the fear increased inside me.

Thursday 26 October 2017

Raja Hata

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Raja Hata
"Hata" refers to a temporary market where different types of shops sell their good. This process of temporary shops is started from years ago. In past days, there are not the permanent market facility, so some people decided to make a temporary market for the nearby villagers to buy their good. This temporary market opens for once or twice in the week. There is some specific place, where the temporary vendors open their shops. Some Hatas are open at daytime and some in the evening.

Now-a-days, the permanent market raises, but till now this "Hata" or the temporary market opens at various places. There is also a temporary market nearer to our village. It's situated just 4 Kilometers away from my village. There is a specific place where the temporary market open for two days, Sunday and Wednesday in a week. Different types of people come to this temporary market to sell their goods and some also come to sell vegetables from their farm.

During the festivals, the demand for temporary market increases. Mainly during Raja Parba, Prathamastami, Bada Osa, Dutibahana the crowd increases at this temporary market. Raja Parba is the main festival of our village. In 2012, it started on Thursday, so Wednesday is the Raja Hata. Since my father was not available on that day, I went to the market. I had the experience to buy goods from the Kirana shops, but not the vegetables. But, I went to the market with 3 bags riding a cycle. I didn't keep my cycle at the cycle stand to avoid the charge. So, I kept my cycle from a distance, where a number of people kept their cycles. And I went inside the market. There were several shops opened due to Raja Parba.

Before going to the market, I had asked to my mother, which vegetables should I buy? She repeated the name of all the vegetables and asked to buy some cheap one. I didn't have any experience of buying vegetables, so I bought until those three bags filled up. Since it was Raja, I had to buy some other things form the Kirana shops, so I bought another bag form that market and bought some other good, which filled the 4th bag. After that, I bought some wire from that shop and lifted two bags with the back career of the cycle. And lifted two bags with the handle of the cycle. When I reached home, all laughed at me, because I bought vegetables of 970 rupees. Since I didn't have any idea to bargain and I hadn't counted the total amount at the time of buying. This news spread like windspeed to our village people and who saw me at that time started to give some advice.

* I used to write in Odia. So, I wrote this and make an image for them, whose phone doesn't support Odia fonts. But some of my friends, outside Odisha, asked me to write some in English. So I translated it from my Odia writings.

My 1st Picnic

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My 1st Picnic
Everyone loves to go for a picnic. When I went for the first time, I couldn't memorize all the things, because I was 3 years old at that time. That picnic was the last picnic of my father's school and the 1st picnic of mine. At that time, I used to go everywhere with my father. Even to his school, market. In that picnic, my brother was also there. I remembered some people from that picnic are Nabaghana Bhai, Bisua Bhai, Narana Sir. At that time, Bisua bhai was reading at Jagannath University, Puri. Since we were going to Puri, he came to meet us.

I used to vomit in Bus journey, so I slept throughout the journey. That's why I don't have any memory form the roads.After reached Puri sea beach, boys bathed there. Girls were not allowed to the sea water. Since I was a child and that time was the winter season, I was wearing sweaters and Nabaghana bhai took to the water, but I hadn't touched the sea. I remembered the scene of the waves coming towards us. 

After that, we went to the Jagannatha Temple. But I didn't go inside the temple. Every people, except me and Naran Sir, went inside. We went to the nearby shops. Naran sir bought me a small Biscope, which was looking like a camera but shows some photographs inside that. Maybe from those days, I started to love for cameras and photography. Apart from that, I bought some more toys for me.

After that, we went to Chilika. I remembered only one scene from Chilika. That was the motorboat. I saw the boat for the first time as well as the boat with motors. At that time, I didn't have any about both the boats. But when I grew up, I got to know about that.

Bisua bhai had come to meet us. He brought a yellow colored balloon for me, that's why I remembered his presence at that time. I had only one picture from that journey and that was with Bisua bhai. But, I don't have any idea of that balloon where it was gone or burst.

Like that, my first picnic ended with some slight memory. Even I don't have any idea, when we started our journey and when reached home. At that time, I used to sleep for a long time and now also I'm sleeping like that. A number of things have been changed with respect to time, but this sleeping nature hasn't changed.

Tuesday 24 October 2017

A Hunger-Free World

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A Hunger-Free World
Today, when I was scrolling my Facebook Timeline, I saw a photograph of a little girl child who was offering some food form her plate to someone. I don't have any idea about the place, where this is taken and also no idea about the photographer. From the photo, it seems that the child belonging to a poor family who couldn't arrange their food easily. They are also not like us. These people are struggling in their life to survive in this world. 

It's very difficult for them to arrange a meal for a day. But, they are humans. They share that small amount of food with other. A person who goes through some problem must understand that pain. They could easily understand the pain of a person for food.

In our society, there are a number of rich people who waste more than 50 percent of their daily meal. They could feed to the poor who couldn't arrange a daily meal due to their poverty. But they are doing such things. Even they refuse to the hungry person who begs in front of them. They had never gone through this kind of condition to understand the pain. 

Once a teacher asked a girl in a school who was belonging to a rich family to write an essay about their driver. She wrote like this: "I'm *&*#### belonging to a rich family. We have a family driver named %$^&^&*. He is poor. He has a small car. In that car, he used to drop their child in schools. (and so on)." That's not the fault of that girl. Since she was rich, she used to see other from their family view. She didn't have any idea about the driver. She never felt the problem of his children. A frog in the well thinks there is nothing outside of that well. Like that, they couldn't feel the real problem, till they don't go through this.

This photo is not to criticize others. This picture shows a number of bright side of this world.

  • This girl could feel the pain of hunger. We could share some from our meals.
  • A child doesn't have any covet, but when they grew up, they become greedy.
  • If you go through some pain, they could understand that pain within others.
If we could offer some form our food, then the percentage of death from hunger could reduce. Before we waste some food, we should think about those people, who depend on dustbin food. We should thankful to God for giving an opportunity to serve people. We are responsible for this world and we could make this world, "A Hunger-Free World".

Friday 13 October 2017

Water Problem

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Water Problem
Today, when I was scrolling my Twitter timeline, my eyes got to focus on two tweets. One tweet shared by Nishta Bhai on some water project at Burla bus stand and another is by Pratik Sahoo about a photo at Redhakhol forest. 

In the first tweet, Nistha Bhai shared a photo, where the tap for drinking water at Burla bus stand was broken and someone put a plastic bottle under the broken tap. He mentioned that there are many drinking water projects in the city are like that. Those are not functioning since months. 

Whereas in the 2nd tweet, Pratik bhai shared a photo of a parrot captured at Redhakhol forest. That parrot tries to open a water bottle to drink some water.

In both the tweets, the main problem is water. The government planned some purified water for the people and in the 2nd case, there is no water for a parrot or for some animal. We destroy the natural water resources and making for us. But as a result, we all remain thirsty due to our irresponsibility.

Friday 6 October 2017

Raise Your Voice

Sangram Keshari Senapati October 06, 2017 2
Raise Your Voice

In this world, everyone is depending on someone. Maybe you are not the same person on which you depend, he may depend on you. But he may be dependable on someone else. It's the rule of this world. You couldn't live in this world without the surrounding. That's why we are survived in the earth. There are no such things present in other planets. So a normal human being couldn't survive there. As a social animal, we all know the importance of dependability.

For a healthy life, we are depending on the oxygen provided by trees and trees are depending on us to take care of them. And everything is interrelated to each other. We always depend on someone else and he is depending on some other thing. So, we all are linked to each other. If the interlinking and the dependability process get some change, then the total system may change and more difficulties arise in this world.

Today, I'm going to share some views about a YouTube video shared by RJ Naveed. He made this video with the help of three small girl child. The video is based on child kidnapping and abuses in public places. For years, we are listening about the kidnapping of small children from the public place and the public ignores it.

In a public place, in front of some person, Naveed asked a few girl children one by one about their parents and offered them some chocolates and all were seeing the drama silently. And he approached them for a tour in his car and the girls refused to go with him, as their parents advised them not to go with any stranger. But he offered more chocolates to them and finally, the girls agreed to go with him. And some people ignoring them and some noticed but remain silent. Yes, it's a video, but if such things would happen in front of us, then we may ignore those. If something like this would happen to us, then we could realize. As we know precaution is better than cure. So we should raise our voice against these types of incidents.

But all are not some, if all would become like this, then we also couldn't survive in this world. Some also protesting against this. But the amount of these types of people is a few. So we should stand together in such incidents and should raise our voice, so the victim may get another chance to live a normal and happy life like us.

I would like to thank Naveed and these three girls for making such a video and also appeal to the readers and viewer to raise your voice too against such issues.

Thank You for reading and please share with others to create awareness about this.

Tuesday 3 October 2017

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

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Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Odia: ସ୍ୱଚ୍ଛ ଭାରତ ଅଭିଯାନ) was initiated by honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji on 2nd October 2014. It completed 3 years yesterday. At the beginning more number of people took part in this mission. I think that was not for the cleaning program, but some participated for free publicity. More number of actors and politicians joined this campaign and got a huge publicity through the media. But a number of people joined this program voluntarily and till now they are working to clean our environment. More number of NGOs are working with a huge number of volunteers national wide and they are really cleaning to make India a clean country.

As compared to the 1st year of clean India program, the love for this campaign has been reduced. In the first year, more number of volunteers joined this program, but now only a few people are taking part of this mission. But, I saw some people celebrate Gandhi Jayanti and organize some cleaning program.

The school children cleaned the nearby areas and some volunteers also joined in that cleaning program. And some social workers also start the cleaning program with some volunteers. I love their work and their initiative also. But, it’s a work of one day, it’s a work for everyday and not for only a group of people to clean continuously, it’s the work of every person, who is depending on this environment. But we should teach the school students and create awareness among people, so that they should clean the places nearby them. As Mother Teresa advised to clean the front door of our home, and if everybody does that, then the country must be cleaned automatically. After the Swachh Bharat Mission by Sri Modi, there are various facilities are available to through the garbage. And we are responsible for our environment.

Everybody should focus on this program and should learn to clean by themselves. We must do the needed things by ourselves. So we must take care about our own environment and we should think about the life time happiness not the happiness for a second or for a certain period of time. We should know the problems arise due to the polluted environment.




(Photos from Hari Narayan Mohanty and Sovendra Majhi sir.)