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Friday 6 October 2017

Raise Your Voice

In this world, everyone is depending on someone. Maybe you are not the same person on which you depend, he may depend on you. But he may be dependable on someone else. It's the rule of this world. You couldn't live in this world without the surrounding. That's why we are survived in the earth. There are no such things present in other planets. So a normal human being couldn't survive there. As a social animal, we all know the importance of dependability.

For a healthy life, we are depending on the oxygen provided by trees and trees are depending on us to take care of them. And everything is interrelated to each other. We always depend on someone else and he is depending on some other thing. So, we all are linked to each other. If the interlinking and the dependability process get some change, then the total system may change and more difficulties arise in this world.

Today, I'm going to share some views about a YouTube video shared by RJ Naveed. He made this video with the help of three small girl child. The video is based on child kidnapping and abuses in public places. For years, we are listening about the kidnapping of small children from the public place and the public ignores it.

In a public place, in front of some person, Naveed asked a few girl children one by one about their parents and offered them some chocolates and all were seeing the drama silently. And he approached them for a tour in his car and the girls refused to go with him, as their parents advised them not to go with any stranger. But he offered more chocolates to them and finally, the girls agreed to go with him. And some people ignoring them and some noticed but remain silent. Yes, it's a video, but if such things would happen in front of us, then we may ignore those. If something like this would happen to us, then we could realize. As we know precaution is better than cure. So we should raise our voice against these types of incidents.

But all are not some, if all would become like this, then we also couldn't survive in this world. Some also protesting against this. But the amount of these types of people is a few. So we should stand together in such incidents and should raise our voice, so the victim may get another chance to live a normal and happy life like us.

I would like to thank Naveed and these three girls for making such a video and also appeal to the readers and viewer to raise your voice too against such issues.

Thank You for reading and please share with others to create awareness about this.