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Sunday 22 November 2015

Puja Time in Odisha

Odia people celebrate many festivals in a year. From those DurgaPuja is the biggest. Mainly three festivals, DurgaPuja, LaxmiPuja and KaliPuja are celebrated in different places. Cuttack is famous for DurgaPuja, Dhenkanala is for LaxmiPuja and Bhadrak is famous for KaliPuja. These festivals are celebrated in the month of October and November.

I've captured some Photographs from different places in this Puja, let's have a look.

1. Some captures in DurgaPuja. 

Light gate at Naktiguda, Bhawanipatna
* From the beginning people attract toward the light decoration of the Puja Pendals.

Naktiguda DurgaPuja gate, Bhawanipatna
* Another most attractive thing is the main gate to enter to reach at the Idols.

Idol of Goddess Durga in Naktiguda, Bhawanipatna
 * And finally the Idols of goddess Durga with their side Idols.

DurgaPuja at Charampa, Bhadrak
DurgaPuja Gate at Charampa, Bhadrak
Maa Durga at Charampa Railway Station, Bhadrak
Idol of Maa Durga in Bypass, Bhadrak
DurgaPuja Gate at Bypass, Bhadrak

Puja Gate at GandhiPadi, Bhadrak
Goddes Durga at GandiPadia, Bhadrak
Light Gate at Naktiguda, Bhawanipatna
Durga Puja Gate in Bhubaneswar

(Some more clips from DurgaPuja)  

 2. Some captures in LaxmiPuja

Maha Laxmi at Basantia, Keonjhar
Maa Laxmi at Chhanchina, Bhadrak
Maa MahaLaxmi at Sendhatira, Bhadrak
Idol of Goddes Laxmi at Bonth, Bhadrak
Maa Laxmi at LaxmiBazar, Bonth, Bhadrak
(Idols of goddess Laxmi from different places)

Light gate for LaxmiPuja at Bonth, Bhadrak

LaxmiPuja gate at Bonth, Bhadrak
(Light gates and the main gates for LaxmiPuja)

People are attracted toward the side entertaining idols near to the Idol of goddess.
Here some collections of side idols from LaxmiPuja.

A small boy trapped by a giant.
Visiting of Nilamadhaba by Bidyapati.
The role of 2nd wife in a family.
A wild animal in a jungle.
Some scene of Sarathi like falling of honey from his foot.
Service of Krushna to his friend Sudama.
Destruction of Baba.
A Devotee of lord Shiva.
Enjoying Skeleton in a club.

Some people need their daily needs and some extra things from the fair, so some temporary shops spread their business and make a market.

Some collections of these type of Shops from both the fairs.

Shop of wheel for kids.

Toy shops for the children
Kids attracts towards these toys than the fair and the idols.
At the time of wondering, people need something to eat.
From some years, there must be a stall of Mathura Cake in every fair in Odisha.
The daily need shops also available in the fairs.
Some of the shops uses the photographs of celebrities to attract more people.
When people feel hungry, there must be some shops to eat.
The most selling shop is Chat.
Another most selling shop is "Gupchup Stall" in fair as well as everyday.
Balloon shop is attracted by kids as well as elders aslo.
Some people also open the vegetable market in the fair.
There must be a stall containing varieties of the food items.
Some organizations also open their stall for promotion.

There is a competition among the Puja committees to attract more and more people.


  1. Nice compilation Gapu. Welcoming effort 👍

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    1. Thank u.. yes, I'll capture more pics from diff celebrations..

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    1. Thank u.. yes, i'm trying to capture more and more photographs about our culture and view my Odia blog here.. http://ssgapu22.wordpress.com/

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