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Wednesday 23 March 2022

83 Movie: The History Recreated Successfully

Sangram Keshari Senapati March 23, 2022 0
83 Movie: The History Recreated Successfully
83 Movie: The History Recreated Successfully

When Kapil Dev lifted the ICC Cricket Worldcup in 1983, I wasn't in this world. Actually, I came here after 12 years, but the 83 movie plays the role of a time machine and took me to that time and kept me there for some hours, days.

Kapil Dev and Ranveer Singh in 83 Movie

Yesterday, finally I watched the 83 Movie on OTT and I could say, what a movie it is. For the 1st time, when I watched the trailer, I was thrilled and after watching the movie, I'm speechless.

I was searching Ranveer Singh but found Kapil Dev there and surprisingly the Legend Kapil Dev was also there sitting in the audience. The movie is around 2 hours and 48 minutes long and I was looking for some more clips.

Kapil Dev teaching his style of cricke to Ranveer Singh

The way every character portrayed their role, is really commendable and I should have watched the movie in 3D for the real-time experience.

The creators worked really hard to recreate every moment from the shots of Kapil Dev while breaking the world record to running from the stadium, lifting the WorldCup. They have placed some real clips which made the movie realistic.