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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

A Hunger-Free World

Today, when I was scrolling my Facebook Timeline, I saw a photograph of a little girl child who was offering some food form her plate to someone. I don't have any idea about the place, where this is taken and also no idea about the photographer. From the photo, it seems that the child belonging to a poor family who couldn't arrange their food easily. They are also not like us. These people are struggling in their life to survive in this world. 

It's very difficult for them to arrange a meal for a day. But, they are humans. They share that small amount of food with other. A person who goes through some problem must understand that pain. They could easily understand the pain of a person for food.

In our society, there are a number of rich people who waste more than 50 percent of their daily meal. They could feed to the poor who couldn't arrange a daily meal due to their poverty. But they are doing such things. Even they refuse to the hungry person who begs in front of them. They had never gone through this kind of condition to understand the pain. 

Once a teacher asked a girl in a school who was belonging to a rich family to write an essay about their driver. She wrote like this: "I'm *&*#### belonging to a rich family. We have a family driver named %$^&^&*. He is poor. He has a small car. In that car, he used to drop their child in schools. (and so on)." That's not the fault of that girl. Since she was rich, she used to see other from their family view. She didn't have any idea about the driver. She never felt the problem of his children. A frog in the well thinks there is nothing outside of that well. Like that, they couldn't feel the real problem, till they don't go through this.

This photo is not to criticize others. This picture shows a number of bright side of this world.

  • This girl could feel the pain of hunger. We could share some from our meals.
  • A child doesn't have any covet, but when they grew up, they become greedy.
  • If you go through some pain, they could understand that pain within others.
If we could offer some form our food, then the percentage of death from hunger could reduce. Before we waste some food, we should think about those people, who depend on dustbin food. We should thankful to God for giving an opportunity to serve people. We are responsible for this world and we could make this world, "A Hunger-Free World".

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