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Saturday 23 December 2017

Seven black and white pictures of your daily life: Day- 2

Seven days .... Seven black and white pictures of your daily life .... No faces, No explanations .... Challenge & Tag a friend every day ....
After accepting the challenge from Aliva Sahoo, in the very first day, I shared the photo of Rubik's Cube on this second day, I have clicked a 3*3 Rubik's  Cube wounded with the cover of Dairy Milk chocolate cover and placed over a novel, "Till the last Breath" by Durjoy Datta. Today, I challenged to Nihar Mohanty, an Odia Wikipedian from Bhubaneswar.

This photo also shows some interesting story from my side;
  • Rubik's cube is not shown here properly, but it is doing its job and it would do it in future also. Yes, you could do your job whether you are at the front or at the back.
  • The Rubik's cube was wounded with a chocolate cover. I had eaten the chocolate, but didn't through the wrap cover anywhere, because it might create some problem to the environment. That's why I used that as a designer cover or etc. Yes, we could reuse the waste materials.
  • The wrap cover was protecting the chocolate and now the chocolate is no more. But, the wrap cover is doing the same protecting job for another product. Yes, we have to do our job, no matter where we are.
  • Reading book is really necessary because it gives more and more knowledge and definitely changes your mindset with the limited things you are associated with.
I put this book because this book shows the love for our life till the last breath. And yes, after the last breath of a pretty girl, she also saved the life another boy by her heart. Her heart started beating his breath.

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