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Wednesday 8 November 2017

Listen to the Whispers of Heart

Today when I was scrolling my Twitter Time-Line, I saw a tweet from Mahesh Babu about wishing her sister Manjula along with a YouTube video link. Mahesh Babu is the most favourite actor of mine in Telugu Film Industry. So, I had a little knowledge about his family also. Manjula had produced the film Pokri in 2006 which was the biggest hit at that time. This film was also remade in Tamil starring Vijay, then in Hindi starring Salman Khan and also in Kannada. 

In that videos, Manjula had told a little bit about her life and her previous ambitions which couldn't be fulfiled due to some reasons. She was trying to become an actress, but couldn't. Even she debuted in a movie, but the fans of her father didn't accept her as an actress. Then she became the film producer and produced films like Show, Nani, Pokri and Ye Maaya Chesave. But not continued for a long period.

And then she realized the actual problem. That problem was within her. She was depending on someone to be something in her life. After that, she took her own responsibility and followed her own. She began to listen to the whispers of her heart. And of course, she felt the creativity within her. Then she felt free for the first time in her life. And then her life changed of course. Yes, every person has a purpose in life. And all have some unique and extraordinary talent to fulfil their purpose. Just follow your heart and definitely you feel happy with yourself. And even with small achievements, you feel successful. The journey to the destination is the actual success and it gives the actual happiness.

* The titled photograph is from Durjoy Datta's book "When Only Love Remains".

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