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Thursday 9 November 2017

Pay From Your Heart

Today, when I was scrolling my Facebook Timeline, I saw a video shared by one of my friend about an Auto-Rickshaw driver and his initiative. An autorickshaw driver named Udaysri Ramunal Yadab from Ahemadabad, Gujarat who stared auto driving from 2010. He named his auto as Gift Economy which would serve to all. Gift Economy means the passenger in his auto is paying the fair of his next passenger and the fair or 1st passenger is totally from him. If somebody couldn't able to pay the fair, it would be ok for him. But that passenger would leave with a smile on his face. He named that paying process as "PAY FROM YOUR HEART".

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He got this inspiration from a blind person named Mr Mahendra who was staying in a blind hostel. In 2010 Udaysri had seen him when he was crossing a road. At that time Udaysri helped him to cross the road and left him at the blind hostel without any fair. When Mahendra had left at the hostel gate, he told him that when he reminds him, that smile would come on his face at that time.

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And everyone has to face the problems in the starting. It is a universal rule. He also faced some struggles at the beginning. Yes, of course, passengers think that he must be a mental one. Even his family members also think like that, because his family was fully depending on that auto. But, if you do some work from your heart, then someday everyone would understand you. Like that, passengers started to love his Gift Economy and they paid from their heart to him and for the next passengers. He also pays for some children which system is a part of his Gift Economy.

This shows the story of a real hero. Service to Mankind is Service to God.

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