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Thursday, 26 October 2017

My 1st Picnic

Everyone loves to go for a picnic. When I went for the first time, I couldn't memorize all the things, because I was 3 years old at that time. That picnic was the last picnic of my father's school and the 1st picnic of mine. At that time, I used to go everywhere with my father. Even to his school, market. In that picnic, my brother was also there. I remembered some people from that picnic are Nabaghana Bhai, Bisua Bhai, Narana Sir. At that time, Bisua bhai was reading at Jagannath University, Puri. Since we were going to Puri, he came to meet us.

I used to vomit in Bus journey, so I slept throughout the journey. That's why I don't have any memory form the roads.After reached Puri sea beach, boys bathed there. Girls were not allowed to the sea water. Since I was a child and that time was the winter season, I was wearing sweaters and Nabaghana bhai took to the water, but I hadn't touched the sea. I remembered the scene of the waves coming towards us. 

After that, we went to the Jagannatha Temple. But I didn't go inside the temple. Every people, except me and Naran Sir, went inside. We went to the nearby shops. Naran sir bought me a small Biscope, which was looking like a camera but shows some photographs inside that. Maybe from those days, I started to love for cameras and photography. Apart from that, I bought some more toys for me.

After that, we went to Chilika. I remembered only one scene from Chilika. That was the motorboat. I saw the boat for the first time as well as the boat with motors. At that time, I didn't have any about both the boats. But when I grew up, I got to know about that.

Bisua bhai had come to meet us. He brought a yellow colored balloon for me, that's why I remembered his presence at that time. I had only one picture from that journey and that was with Bisua bhai. But, I don't have any idea of that balloon where it was gone or burst.

Like that, my first picnic ended with some slight memory. Even I don't have any idea, when we started our journey and when reached home. At that time, I used to sleep for a long time and now also I'm sleeping like that. A number of things have been changed with respect to time, but this sleeping nature hasn't changed.

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