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Sunday 12 November 2017

Smog in Delhi

Delhi it the capital of India and it is like another heart of India as compared to Mumbai, Kolkatta and Chennai. Once upon a time, Delhi was the main attraction of India. Even today more number of foreigners come to Delhi to visit the historical attractions like Tajmahal, India Gate, Kutab Minar etc. Since, it's the capital of India, more number of people used to go there. And it's the grown up city in India.

It's become like a trend to live in the big cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kokatta etc. For that reason, a big issue arises daily know as traffic jam. The city has more population than it's capacity. To grow the city faster we cut the trees and made a grown up city. But now another important and big problem arose in Delhi that the pollution. Yes, to avoid the pollution, which need is tree. But we had cut them before. So, now the total environment is surrounded by smog.

Mainly we know about the fog which is mixture forms in winter and it create a small problem. But more number of people enjoy the fog. But, smog is another form of mixture which forms by the combination of smoke and fog. Mainly the fog mixed the chemical smoke originating from the plants, motor vehicles etc and forms smog. The smog creates the visualization problem, which causes a series of accident in the same place. Even the smog spread to the near by towns of Delhi.

The time arose to think about the permanent solution for this kind of problem. If we don't think about the permanent solution, a day would come, when the sunlight couldn't come to the earth surface due to these polluted smog. In the ancient literature, someone had maintained that, there would be seven days of night only. The sun light won't come to the earth. And this would gonna happen in the next future.

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