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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Seven black and white pictures of your daily life- Sixth Day

Seven days .... Seven black and white pictures of your daily life .... No faces, No explanations .... Challenge & Tag a friend every day ....

After accepting the challenge from Aliva Sahoo, in the very first day, I shared the photo of Rubik's Cube and on the 2nd day, I have shared another Rubik's Cube wounded with a Dairy milk chocolate cover. On the 3rd day, I have shared a photo of a toy coconut tree. On the 4th day, I have shared the photo of oranges which I love to eat. On this 5th day, I have shared a photo of the remaining parts of a pencil. And on this 6th day, I've shared a photo of an old radio.

This radio was bought in 2004. My father had a radio, I had seen that from my childhood. But I had a problem with that radio. Actually, at that time, I used to think that, there were small persons living inside the radio. So, once I opened all the screws with the help of a screw-driver like Rachhod Das Chanchchhad. But, managed to re-arrange them all. After that, I used to unscrew them every time and finally one day had come, when that radio got totally damaged by me and my father break that.

It's the time of 2004 when he bought his first motorbike and coincidentally, there was a marriage at our place. The sister of our neighbours was going to marry. At that time, he bought this radio. That moment was the happiest moment for me. But I hadn't opened that at that time since it was new. There was no electricity in our village and we didn't have the TV too. So, this radio is for everything form entertainment to news and cricket score. 

And finally, the devil arrived, electricity. And again the courage reappeared inside me to play in electric current. Till that, I had read about the electricity and some uses of electronic devices. So, I bought a delimiter which would supply appropriate current to the radio. To make this happen, I started rearranging the wiring system and the final result made it damage. Again I repaired it from a mechanic in our village. But after that, I show many troubles and this time I break it down. 

This was my story of about my radio. Yes, now I'm listening from the All India Radio app. And yes, at that time, I used to love every program and now those things hadn't changed. 


  1. Old memories, olden days are something awesome that makes joyness for the coming life.Congrats for sharing your memories, may be it in shape of completing a challenge.