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Saturday 15 February 2020

Chumbak: 1st Series on TarangPlus

Sangram Keshari Senapati February 15, 2020 0
Chumbak: 1st Series on TarangPlus

When the TarangPlus app was launched by Odisha Television Network, we expected some new digital movies and web series and that happened on this Valentine's Day.

On the 14th of February in 2020, the 1st web series on TarangPlus Chumbak started streaming. So, today I started watching. The 1st episode is free for all and the other 6 episodes are premium. Though I haven't taken the subscription but I can watch all premium movies and series.

The story started with a simple girl, Sikha played by Divya Mohany from Paradeep who met Manya, a modern girl played by Tammana Vyas at Bhubaneswar at a intercollege festival. Then they became friends, best friends.

When Sikha left after the fest, Manya felt bad, so she changed her college to Sikha's, then the friendship came to another point, where everybody questioned them. It's a college life friendship love story, which our people see in a different way.

I love the whole concept and the way of presentation, but in some scenes, some unnecessary slags are used. Yes, some people are saying such things in public, but we could avoid that, without those, the storyline would be the same.

There are two major characters, Shikha and Manya and apart from them, others are not well prepared for their role. the 1st episode was quite boring, some characters playing the role forcefully and seem they aren't saying the dialogues, they are reading from some promotor.

I'm waiting for the next season. Hopefully, next time the creators may focus on such issues. They may give their character more time to practice properly.

Tuesday 4 February 2020

Failure is Necessary to get Success

Sangram Keshari Senapati February 04, 2020 0
Failure is Necessary to get Success

The journey started from a beautiful place, where every day you could feel the beauty of nature directly through your eyes. Rose is beautiful, but it hurts when you can't hold it properly; like that way the beautiful place and the beautiful town started giving me pain when I can't control myself in all my studies. Because I was afraid to fail and that failure came every single time through my results, sometimes through my friends.

But life is all about LEARNING and those failures taught me lots of things and those 4 years taught me the most important lessons of life. Yes, still I'm learning lots of things, but the 1st learning process started from there when I got 4.5 SGPA in my 3rd-semester results. Someone had said to me, "you are going to read in the same semester again, because the if are going to secure less than 4.5, it's a year-back." And he also said I would definitely score less than this in my next semester, but luckily I never happen.

If you get success, everyone would come and ask for your success story, but here it's all about the story of failure. Because when you fail people would advise you the best things in life. Of course, at that time, you would get irritated from those silly pieces of advice. But you can't listen to everybody so just listen to yourself and think the exact point of your failure. In my case, my fear was that thing and then I started keeping a distance from all my family and friends who used to give me such advice.

But to change the track is not so easy, so I started reading and wring anything. I was poor in English and my voice is low, for that reason once I was scrolled by Priya mam in my 2nd semester. Obviously, from that day, I stopped asking and answering to the teachers. Due to poor English knowledge, I couldn't write in English, so started writing in Odia. In those days, my Odia writing was very poor and English writing was worst. So, I started learning both the languages, since Odia is my mother tongue, I learned that quickly rather than English. But still, I was not happy with my writings, I was looking to publish them somewhere, but such platforms were not available in those days. Typing in Odia Unicode was the 1st challenge to me.

Once I came to know about Odia Wikipedia and I was using that to type in Odia. And then I had created some random articles and the 1st one got deleted. So started learning more about the articles to write, so others could improve that and I could check my Odia writing skills. And that thing happened and my writing skills started improving day by day as well as I had learned how to write the answers on my Answer sheet in the semesters. This thing worked with me, but the internal fear was still there. The new teachers also helped, so I had started asking and answering to them since they are young and just a few years elder than us.

I was afraid to check my 5th-semester results, but I was surprised when I saw the results. For the 1st time in my engineering life, I passed all those papers. The success brings confidence and that confidence reflects in my case too. The internal fear started fading away gradually and by that time, with the period of one year, I had learned how to face that fear and how to improve my self.

My learning process was going on and I had learned how to manage life and how to appear two exams on a single day and to clear both the papers. In the same time, I was writing on Odia Wikipedia and Odia Wikisource regularly, which helped me to keep me busy with the same learning process. By that time, I had also started both my English and Odia blogs on Blogger. In my 3rd year, my 1st ever article was published on our college magazine and the editor had asked for one more story in Odia. His question for the 2nd story for the same magazine helped me to decide for next year magazine. I was the editor for the Odia section in 2016 and for the 1st time, we had published the e-magazine since we are promoting e-education and digital India.

That day I was standing on the stage with Principal sir and Priya mam, and thinking those words which she said in 2013. In that time those words had hurt me, but that word, "LOOSER" pushed me to improve me for something. To complete that magazine we had faced some problems, but later those problems helped me to start and finish my own publishing magazine within just 11 days.

In 2016, I had completed my engineering degree in Computer Science and the fear for the year-back was not there, but some new fear added to the queue. Still, I couldn't get a good job, but I was stick with that thing which helped me to improve myself. So, I was writing on Odia Wikipedia and Wikisource often. But in March 2017, I came to know about #100WikiDays, one challenge started from Bulgaria where you have to write 100 articles on a particular wiki platform for a period of 100 days. 

From 8th March 2017 on World Women's Day, I had started creating women biographies on Odia Wikipedia. Those 100 days were really memorable since, in April, there was communal violence in Bhadrak, as a result, the internet was down for 48 hours. I had to keep writing and the Internet of the district was not working, I was about to fail again, but they called off the curfew for four hours and within that time, I took my father's bike and went up to the tower of Balasore district. There I parked the bike and wrote the article for the day and returned back. On 15th June 2017, I had completed my 1st #100wikidays successfully.

As I had mentioned previously a small success in life leads you towards a big and I had targeted for the WikiYear and started writing for that on 13th July 2017 and successfully completed the journey on 12th July in 2018. In those 365 days, I had written 365 articles related to Odia film industry and more than 100 other articles.

But after that, the journey wasn't so easy. Around 25 articles which I had written in those days had deleted. For a biography, I had taken an average of 4 hours which results "404 The Article Not Found". That day again the same failure came to my life. For some time, I had thought to give up and some people also forced me to do that. But those failure days had taught me to listen to me only and I had ignored them again. Again all those words pushed me to go forward.

On 12th July 2018, I had completed 2 WikiYears. I'm the 3rd person in India as well as in the world to achieve this. Recently Orissa Post had covered a story on this topic. Till today, I had written more than 1050 articles on Odia Wikipedia with 23500+ edits and also completed the 1st wikiyear on Odia Wikisource. In 2019, I got 3rd position in India and 6th position in the world in a photography competition by Wikimedia Commons named as "Wiki Loves Love". Apart from this, I'm the founder and editor of one Odia e-Magazine, Shubhapallaba. Recently we had extended the magazine to English, Bangla, Hindi, and Sanskrit just to give an opportunity to the new writers to support them morally.

I would conclude this one with this line which I had written for the title, "Failure is necessary to get Success in Life" because the failure teaches us.