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Saturday 28 October 2017

Insects inside Ice-Cream

Once, Nidhi Aja had shared a photograph of ice-cream seller in twitter. That picture was a small ice-cream seller who used to sell ice-creams by travelling with a box carrying ice-creams through their cycle. Those type of ice-cream sellers were used to buy the ice-creams from the ice-cream factory and sell in villages.

It's the time when I was a small child. I was suffering from Eosinophils, that's why I didn't have the permission to eat ice-creams. Since I was a child, I used to demand ice-creams every time. That's why my mother had told me that, there are insects inside the ice-creams. From that days, I used to think about that and stayed from ice-cream. I had a fear that, those insects would eat my teeth. 

But, I lost two of my teeth due to those insect attack. After that, I bought one ice-cream at school, because there was not my mother. But, again I lost another tooth. After that, the fear increased inside me.

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