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Friday, 13 October 2017

Water Problem

Today, when I was scrolling my Twitter timeline, my eyes got to focus on two tweets. One tweet shared by Nishta Bhai on some water project at Burla bus stand and another is by Pratik Sahoo about a photo at Redhakhol forest. 

In the first tweet, Nistha Bhai shared a photo, where the tap for drinking water at Burla bus stand was broken and someone put a plastic bottle under the broken tap. He mentioned that there are many drinking water projects in the city are like that. Those are not functioning since months. 

Whereas in the 2nd tweet, Pratik bhai shared a photo of a parrot captured at Redhakhol forest. That parrot tries to open a water bottle to drink some water.

In both the tweets, the main problem is water. The government planned some purified water for the people and in the 2nd case, there is no water for a parrot or for some animal. We destroy the natural water resources and making for us. But as a result, we all remain thirsty due to our irresponsibility.

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