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Tuesday 21 November 2017

Winter Morning and Me

Nowadays, it's really a hard thing to wake up in the early morning. Mainly, it's next to impossible during winter. But, we are suffering from a maniac to sleep late in the night. But, if we sleep early in the night, then we may wake up early. In winter, we become too lazy to wake up.

By the use of different social networking site, like Facebook, Twitter, What's App, Instagram, Tumblr, etc we are becoming more lazier and the online shopping sites helping in that. Due to the social sites, we couldn't able to sleep early. I'm also suffering from this kind of problem. Couldn't sleep early in the night.

Drawn by Saswat Debadatta.
All had advised, "Early to bed, Early to rise" is good for health. But, these days, it's not so easy to rise early. Most of people love to do exercises and go for morning walk during winter days.

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