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Thursday 28 June 2018

Wiki Advanced Training: Day 0

Sangram Keshari Senapati June 28, 2018 0
Wiki Advanced Training: Day 0

Actually, this is the day when we came to Ranchi for the Wiki Advanced Training. But previously, I've shared about these things when I met Tito da then Mallikarjuna. We had to reach at the event place by today so we could start our session easily from tomorrow. That's why we arrived today and since tomorrow is Day 1, we call this Day 0 or the Icebreaking moment among all. 

In December when I went home from Kempagowda airport, it took 2 hours and 45 minutes to reach Hebbal from Marathahalli, so today, I don't want to take a risk. I slept at 10.00 pm and actually started sleeping after 11.30 pm. So easily I woke up early and took the KIAS-8 bus from Innovative Multiplex Marathahalli at 6.30 am and reached the airport by 7.45 am. There I met two Tamil Wikimedians K. Murty and Loganathan and wait to collect our boarding passes.

At that time, I've finished some of my works which I had to finish in the morning. Then we collected the boarding passes from the counter and met Ulo. Sendhamil Kodhai, another Tamil Wikimedian inside. After some time, Mallikarjuna and Vikas also joined us.

Photo: Mallikarjuna
Finally, we reached at Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi on time and then took Ola to reach our hotel. After reaching the hotel, we took our room keys, then went for lunch. We had our lunch at around 3.20 pm and as usual, I forgot to capture before eating. But I took this photo of Icecream and hot Gulab Jamun. I've never eaten hot sweets before. Usually, I prefer sweets in cold form, but this was a little bit different.

Yes, I forgot to mention about the reunion from TTT 2k18. There was Dr. Manavpreet Kaur, Satdeep Gill, Rupika Sharma, Ajay, whom I knew before since TTT 2018. After lunch, I had discussed a little bit with Manav mam and she explained about The Wikipedia Library. I hadn't covered that document attached to the mail, so she helped me with that. 

Then we had to reach the meeting room by 6.15 pm, but we arrived there at 6.35 after everyone. Then I joined the Group 1 with Mallikarjuna, Rupika, Muzammil Sir & Mahesh. There we introduced to each other and shared some fun facts, answered some funniest questions.

After this meeting, we had our lunch. And yes, this time I've captured the dinner plates except for chicken and Roti.

Spicy Noodles and Spanish Soupe
Veg Pulau, Dal fry, Kadhai Paneer, Dum Alu, Russian Salad, Bundi Raita & Papad
Russian Salad, Carrot Pudding & Papad
During the dinner, we had talked with each other and returned to our room early, since everyone needs some rest and some fresh energy for tomorrow. That's all for Day 0. Yes, we had Tito da, Tanveer da, Sailesh, and Krishan Chaitanya from the organizing team. I've some good relationships with these people, so I mention then last.

Tuesday 26 June 2018

Wiki Advanced Traingin: Met Mallikarjuna

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Wiki Advanced Traingin: Met Mallikarjuna

Hello beautiful people, here is the 2nd blog of Wiki Advanced Training, when I met Mallikarjuna at his office.

I have to go to Ranchi from Kempagouda International Airport, Bangalore along with two other Kannada Wikimedians Mallikarjuna and Bikash Hegde. Today, I had some work at Kartik Nagar, so I went there with Nikas's Cycle. 

When I was there, I got a call from Mallikarjuna, but at that moment, I couldn't take that call. After finishing my work, I called back to him and he asked about my location so we could plan for our journey easily. And when he told me about his office location, I got surprised, because, I was there only at that moment. 

So, I went to his office, then met his boss Praveen too. It was a pleasure meeting with his boss and their marketing manager Sanjeeb. At his office, we have discussed some other things also. Previously I had met Mallikarjana on 27th May at the CIS-A2K office, when I was there for the Project Tiger offline edit-a-thon.

Today, we have discussed our route, Timing, etc for the Airport, about prework. Finally, we had decided to meet Vikas and him at the Airport. And returned back to my room. It wasn't a plan to meet him, so I hadn't taken my camera with me and missed the chance to capture these.

Saturday 23 June 2018

Wiki Advanced Training: PreWork doubts

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Wiki Advanced Training: PreWork doubts
Hello everyone, here I'm starting the series of blogs for Wiki Advance Training which would start officially from 29th July at Ranchi. But we have to reach by 28th evening and in the evening, the meeting would be the introduction, prework, etc. 

So, we received an e-mail from Krishna Chaitanya Velaga about the prework. The prework was about understanding about "Copyrights and Free Licences", "Neutral Point of View" and "The Wikipedia Library".

Since those works weren't easy for me and I needed a good understanding of everything, I met Tito da Today at the CIS-A2K office, Bangalore. Since it's Saturday, the office was closed and he came for me only.

After that, we had a quality time to discuss about the prework, tasks, etc. Then we were about to leave, but it started raining heavily. He also had to go to Hyderabad through the bus, so we came to Marathahalli by auto. After dinner, the rain started again and the bus also came 15 minutes late. He was waiting for the bus in the rain. When he called to the bus conductor, he replied in Telugu or Kannada, we couldn't understand. Then, after 2 calls, he answered in Hindi.

In that heavy rain, finally the bus came to us, and he boarded the bus at 9.15 PM. During the waiting, the rain stopped and I came to my room. At the time of dinner, we had only 40 minutes so we couldn't get the chance to capture a photo.

This is all about today, keep in touch for further updates.

Thursday 21 June 2018

I Bought a New Mobile

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I Bought a New Mobile
The 1st mobile I got Nokia X2-01 on 26th March 2012 after my 12th Board exam. And just after 18 days, when I was sleeping in the hostel, that phone fell down in a bucket full of water. In the morning, when I woke up, I saw that and the display was damaged, but somehow the phone survived. But that phone shows lots of problems then.

After the 1st year of my engineering, I got another phone, which includes android software, Samsung Galaxy Y Plus Duas (GT S5202). With that phone, I did lots of works and completed my engineering. Then in 2016, I came to know about JIO and tried to get a JioFi, but after lots of struggle, I couldn't get that. So decided to buy a new 4G phone and selected a cheap one, i.e. LYF FLAME 7 (LS 4006). 

In 2015 October 26, I bought one small digital camera, i.e. Nikon Coolpix but, with the flow of time, I need one more mobile which should have one selfie camera with flash and some more good features. But, 2 years of my graduation had passed away and till now, I'm jobless. So, to buy one new mobile is not easy for me. In that meantime, from March 2018 to May 2018 Google started a small competition in association with Wikipedia and they gave me a Chromebook and the prize money I got in those 3 months is 9000/- and now it was time to buy a new phone.

On 15th July 2018, I was at home and I've visited the nearest MI store in Bhadrak. We were there to check the availability and just one piece with Rose Gold color was left there. So, my father advised me to bought that one. He just paid all amount, i.e. 15,500/-. If you buy this one from Online (flash sale), then the cost is 15,000/- and from the store, they charge 500/- extra. But we choose to buy directly.

The phone's color I like the most and the dual camera is awesome. The backside flash of the phone is different as compared to others. Othe phones have white light and it has slight brownish, which is necessary for food photography. The primary camera is of 12 MP and the other one is of 5 MP, but it's not in 4K. 

The front screen is 5.99 inch and it has the features to enable the full-screen mode like iPhone X, but the space in the button is unnecessary. And the fingerprint unlocking system is in the backside and it has the facilities like face unlocking, which is good and also fast. The phone resolution is 1080 pixels by 2160 pixels. 

This phone is of 1.8GHz octa-core processor and I bought it with 4GB RAM, which is OK according to my kind of use. The internal storage is 64 GB and I could place an external memory card up to 128 GB, but for that, I have to use only one sim card.

Now talking about the battery. Redmi Note 5 Pro has a 4,000mAh battery of 180 grams and the power backup is good. If you use everything, then the backup time is less and the standby time is good.  

The main reason for which I bought this phone is its front camera. The front camera is of 20 MP and there is a front flash. The front camera is good and the automatic adjusting system results in good and fair photos. But the light of the front flash is not that much, which I had expected. 

On 20th July 2018, I returned to Bangalore and bought this new cover here. I was planning to buy a different one, but that one is only available on Alli Express and the price was in my budget, but the delivery charge was more than 5000/-, so I bought this one. 

Now I could place the phone like this and there is a smallholder with the help of which I could hold the phone with the use and at the time of traveling. In Bangalore, people snatch phones from your hand, and it might help me to protect it from them. 

Friday 1 June 2018

Project Tiger Ended successfully

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Project Tiger Ended successfully
Project Tiger, a collaboration of Wikipedia with Google to add and improve the Indic Wikipedia articles. As previously, I have shared two blogs about the Chromebook unboxing and the Offline Edit-a-thon in Bangalore. But this blog is for the overall status of the Project Tiger.

First of all, I would share my experiences with this project. I'm writing for Odia Wikipedia since December 2014, but from 8 March 2017, I'm writing regularly for the Wikipedia and then Wikisource regularly. So, for the project Tiger, Google had donated laptops and internet connections for the volunteers and hence I've applied for the Laptop. And the 1st laptop I've received from CIS-A2K office on the very first day.

Before getting the laptop, I had started writing for the Project Tiger, since it was started from 1st March. But I have to write an article for the 1 Wiki Year which has the theme about Odia Film Industry and I didn't wish to break that routine before completing the wiki year. With some other works for our Magazine, Shubhapallaba (Previously Nabapallaba) whose 2nd edition was going to release on 1st April, I had managed to write 8 articles only. 

In the April, we had released our magazine, but we had to change its name, logo, website, everything. So again couldn't contribute properly and wrote only 11 articles. But the work for the wiki year was going regularly in Odia Wikipedia as well as in Odia Wikisource. Finally, the last month May had come and I wished to write more, but a small problem arose for which I didn't write for the 1st 15 days. After that, I had tried to write some articles from the list.

In the meantime, CIS-A2K had organized an offline edit-a-thon in Bangalore on 27th May 2018, where I wrote 4 article only. And the month ended with 23 articles only. For the project Tiger, I've created 42 articles in these 3 months. And Odia Wikipedia had created 84 articles with 6 users. Harihar Prasad Satpathy sir had created 26 articles, Dr. Subash Chandra Rout sir had created 13 Articles and Bikas Ojha, Prateek Pattnaik & Gayatree Tripathy had created 1 articles each. And some also read the message of Jimmy on the main page and entered their name but never write an article and some entered some random article in the fountain tool.

Now come to the other communities. Panjabi Community and Tamil Community had created lots of articles and crossed 1000 whereas we had struggled for 100. Charn Gill from Panjabi Community had created 431 articles in these 3 months. Jagmit Singh Brar and Dsesringp from Panjabi and Tamil community respectively crossed 300 articles during these 3 months. And others also worked hard for this project. For the full details about other communities and the users who created lots of articles checks this link below. Thanks to Ravishankar for organizing this and motivating to write.

Monday 28 May 2018

Memory of My Life- 10: Farewell by our Teachers in GCEK

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Memory of My Life- 10: Farewell by our Teachers in GCEK
Everything has an expiry time, like that the final day came in our engineering life and we had to leave that place, those people, those friends. We met each other in that place, we did lots of things in that place, we learned lots of things there. We had lots of funs with those friends, we fought with each other, we fought for us, we met our first love there, our heart also had broken there. There is nothing which we didn't try there with those beautiful friends.

The day when we met each other and it was the day when we had to leave each other and had no idea about the next meet. But we had to accept the reality and that was our farewell day in college. Yes, our juniors had given the farewell, but after the exam, teachers had arranged that farewell meeting. Some had canceled their tickets also for that farewell. 

When we reached at the college, we had discussed about that night before two days, our last part in Bhawanipatna. For the last time, we laughed together and took this group photo inside our computer lab. All had the same feelings inside but kept a fake smile on the face to cooperate each other.

Teachers came for the meeting and all had the same story inside but for the last time, we talked with each other, share our feelings about friends, teachers, classed, exams, back exam, hostel, mesh, classrooms, college campus, juniors, seniors, crushes, love stories, everything. Even teachers shared their love and feelings with us. We had the most formal conversations on that day.

On that day, we couldn't feel about the time, but the time passed away very quickly like those 4 years. And for the 1st time, I had spoken a few words in front of all the teachers and the friends. Previously, I had spoken during the seminar, minor and major project submission. But on that day, I had shared some of my internal feelings for the teachers and the thanks to the friends who were there for me in those 4 years. Thank God, I hadn't broken down there like my +2 farewell speech. After the meeting, we captured every moment through our lenses. 

I kept their memories in that diary which I was maintaining since 2012 from Vinayak College. Some others also doing that and some had brought white shirts, t-shirts and took the last signature of love from the friends. 

Before we left the college forever, I and Sanat went to meet the Principal for the last time and had lots of conversations with him and the HODs from other departments also joined with us. We had our conversations around 1 and half hour and discussed a lot. Finally, when we went out, there was no one outside and it was totally dark. But we returned with the teacher's bike. 

Sunday 27 May 2018

Project Tiger Offline Edit-a-thon 2018, Bangalore

Sangram Keshari Senapati May 27, 2018 2
Project Tiger Offline Edit-a-thon 2018, Bangalore
It was 23rd May, I got a call from Gopala, a member of CIS-A2K team Bangalore about an edit-a-thon on 27th, Sunday. And after that, when I opened my WhatsApp, I got the message from Anant, another member from the CIS-A2K team to sign up for the edit-a-thon. After that, I just opened the page and entered the 4 tildes (~) to sign up. The edit-a-thon was at the CIS-A2K Bangalore office from 10am to 4pm. 

So, I tried my best to reach on time, but as usual, I took the bus from Marathahalli Bridge around 10 am and reached there at 10.30 since Sunday has less traffic during the morning. And when I reached there, some are there in downstairs. Thankfully the introduction round started after I reached there and Tito da explained a little about the Project Tiger and the rules, article list, etc. But I have those ideas since I'm writing from March and this Chromebook was given for the project. And we started writing from the given topics.

We are from different communities like Telugu, Malayalam, Sanskrit, Bengali, Odia, English, Kannada, etc. Dr. Manavpreet Kaur, from the Panjabi community, also joined online (I got to know in the evening when she replied to me for the status I put on WhatsApp). I just wrote the unfinished articles which I had started on the previous night. And during the editing process, we took a small tea/coffee break. As usual, I prefer tea.

Then we again busy with the writings and I have finished those three articles about R. Madhavan, Imran Khan, and Dookudu movie from the list. Around 12.50 pm, we went out for lunch and had our lunch at an Andhra style hotel which is near to the office. Again, I forgot the name of the hotel. I just forgot my camera on that table, so I could capture those moments. But there, the love for Aloo (Potato) was there. Yes, we would definitely save Aloo rather than the world.

After lunch, again we started editing. in that next half, I just created one article which is about Preity Zinta. And a piece of good news we got at that time is, Tamil and Panjabi community crossed 1000 articles for the Project Tiger. After that, we had finished the edit-a-thon with 20+ new articles and prepared to return. But before return, I just finished the article of the day for the 5th Round of 100wikidays or the 319th day of my 1WikiYear, since the IPL final was in the evening.

Finally, at 4.45 pm  I just returned back to my room by an Auto. Thanks to Tanveer da for booking that auto for me, since I don't have an ola/uber app on my phone.

Saturday 26 May 2018

Memory of My Life- 9: Last Party in Bhawanipatna

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Memory of My Life- 9: Last Party in Bhawanipatna
After finishing our exam, we had the Major project submission work on 23, 24 & 25 May in 2016. After that, we had to leave that palce, where we met each other 4 years before. Previously, I have shared about the thing that, we came closure to leave everyone. But that wasn't the actual tension in that time, the Major project was the main tension.

On the 1st day of submission, we hadn't (especially my group) prepared for those. So, only one group had submitted their project work, that's why teachers scrold us badly. But it's ok, the teachers gave the actual advice to us. Somehow, everybody had managed to prepare for the next day and within those 2 days, we had finished the whole submission.

After finishing the submission, we went college on 26th May, that is the next. Again we met each and every person, some returned the books issued from the library and did lots of sad feeling fun there. Then before leaving college, we had decided to arrange the last party in Bhawanipatna in that night at our old party point Ding Dong restaurant at Manikeswari Chhaka. 

Previously, we had to invite each and every for the party, but that day approximately all had come for the party. Some friends couldn't come, because they had no idea about the party. And who heard about the party came to enjoy there. 

Everyone had come with the good mood and all had decided not to cry at the time of leaving at least on that day only. But, that was not possible during that time. In the evening everyone reached at the hotel. Someone had arranged some vodka and mixed it with water and the situation of the whole group had changed suddenly. Everybody had danced a lot, but we clicked a few photos only. We had our dinner there together and when the time came to leave for the room, again all started crying and with the punch of alcohol, the situation became pathetic.

Somehow controlled everyone and on the road, the "Kal Ho Na Ho" film situation happened. But, all had reached safely in their room. The last party ended with lots of memories. After the party in the hotel, the main party for the boys started some other place.

And 2 years passed from that day, but we are missing that party. Yes, we met with some, we had partied with some, but that night would remain a memorable one for all of us.

Thursday 17 May 2018

Memory of My Life- 8: Photoshoot for Quasar 2k16

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Memory of My Life- 8: Photoshoot for Quasar 2k16
In 2016, when I reached college after the 7th Semester break, in February, the notification for the Annual magazine Quasar had been out until that time. Somehow I managed to get into the team and when we met the Principal, Dr. Dulu Pattnaik sir, I shared the idea of the e-magazine. Then they agreed for that and decided to do everything in college with more students. But, some students had contacted the press for the printing copy. So, I advised there to do both, but principal decide to stick with the new plan for e-magazine. That's why some friends got angry on me. Trust me, I wasn't against their plan or something like that. I wished to read the next issue when I left the college. If the e-magazine idea would work, then alumni could get a copy easily.

But, the paper pack idea got canceled, since last year lots of magazines couldn't be delivered to students and everything wasted. Ok, leave that. Finally, we proceed for the e-magazine work. In the meeting, teachers decided to provide a teacher co-ordinator to guide us. Abhijit Sir, a new teacher appointed for physics teacher with contract basis. He had just finished his M. Sc. from IIT, Roorkee in that January. He joined us along with some 1st-year students. Roshni, a friend of us from Electrical branch co-ordinated the whole work. She was there for any kind of problem, discussion with teachers. Bismay, a student from 1st-year but two of his poetries had published in an International book. So, we couldn't think about the English editor except him. Juned, a student from 2nd year also had a good knowledge of English, Hindi, and Odia literature. So, he became the editor for the Hindi session. Prasant, a student from 1st-year joined to design the cover photo which is the important attraction of any magazine. He was also like my brother since he read in the same college where I was reading my +2. And I forgot to mention about my work there, obviously, I was the editor for the Odia section.

We started working on it and after the classes, I have to stay there up to the evening and had to look after others, since I was the only person from 4th Year at that time. Roshni had tried to take part in different works, but somehow she managed to be there as far as possible. In that 1 month of work, we had worked together, did lots of fun, had a good conversation and bonding with others, in which I was always poor. Finally, we had finished the work of magazine and released in the 1st day of our annual function. A bad thing happened during the release time, but thanks to Roshni, she managed that very well. Yes, that day, I learned something new from her. Keep calm during the problem and you have to handle the bad situation and learn to take the responsibility. 

But we had to distribute the magazine among students and as per the rule, we had to put some photos of us, our branches etc in the magazine. So, on 17th May 2016, we kept the photo session for our coordinators, volunteers, editors, teacher. But Abhijit Sir missed from the main photo. 

We had our last exam of 8th Semester on 18th May, so everyone was in hurry. After the photo shoot, everyone disappeared from the college, but I did some more photo shoot with teachers, friends, on the roof, inside the Communication lab. And here are some snaps below. 

Friday 4 May 2018

Memory of My Life- 7: CSE style Photo Shoot

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Memory of My Life- 7: CSE style Photo Shoot
2 years back, on 4th May 2018, we had our last days in college, so we planned a group photo shoot in a new style. Yes, that was the new style for us, not for others. We had an exam that day, and after the exam, we planned for the photo shoot with the CSE symbol.

Almost all CSE friends were present on that day and I was the photographer. So, I was missing in the best photo. We arranged all of then in three C, S & E on the ground in front of the college. I took the photo from the roof. 

This is the best photo on that day taken by me from the roof.
After that, I went down and someone else took the photo, but those photos weren't that much of interesting. Yes, we took a number of photos that day including these clicks.

Yes, I was there, but all were busy in their own poses.
After these photo session, we took the college bus and there I recorded all a short video of all our CSE friends, but unfortunately, the camera fell down and the battery came out before we save that video. So, we lost that video. That was a nice clip, but that was not for us. I was happy for this group photo but really unhappy with the video. That day, I planned to record another video before we leave, but couldn't get a chance to record like that.