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Saturday 26 May 2018

Memory of My Life- 9: Last Party in Bhawanipatna

After finishing our exam, we had the Major project submission work on 23, 24 & 25 May in 2016. After that, we had to leave that palce, where we met each other 4 years before. Previously, I have shared about the thing that, we came closure to leave everyone. But that wasn't the actual tension in that time, the Major project was the main tension.

On the 1st day of submission, we hadn't (especially my group) prepared for those. So, only one group had submitted their project work, that's why teachers scrold us badly. But it's ok, the teachers gave the actual advice to us. Somehow, everybody had managed to prepare for the next day and within those 2 days, we had finished the whole submission.

After finishing the submission, we went college on 26th May, that is the next. Again we met each and every person, some returned the books issued from the library and did lots of sad feeling fun there. Then before leaving college, we had decided to arrange the last party in Bhawanipatna in that night at our old party point Ding Dong restaurant at Manikeswari Chhaka. 

Previously, we had to invite each and every for the party, but that day approximately all had come for the party. Some friends couldn't come, because they had no idea about the party. And who heard about the party came to enjoy there. 

Everyone had come with the good mood and all had decided not to cry at the time of leaving at least on that day only. But, that was not possible during that time. In the evening everyone reached at the hotel. Someone had arranged some vodka and mixed it with water and the situation of the whole group had changed suddenly. Everybody had danced a lot, but we clicked a few photos only. We had our dinner there together and when the time came to leave for the room, again all started crying and with the punch of alcohol, the situation became pathetic.

Somehow controlled everyone and on the road, the "Kal Ho Na Ho" film situation happened. But, all had reached safely in their room. The last party ended with lots of memories. After the party in the hotel, the main party for the boys started some other place.

And 2 years passed from that day, but we are missing that party. Yes, we met with some, we had partied with some, but that night would remain a memorable one for all of us.

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