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Friday 4 May 2018

Memory of My Life- 7: CSE style Photo Shoot

2 years back, on 4th May 2018, we had our last days in college, so we planned a group photo shoot in a new style. Yes, that was the new style for us, not for others. We had an exam that day, and after the exam, we planned for the photo shoot with the CSE symbol.

Almost all CSE friends were present on that day and I was the photographer. So, I was missing in the best photo. We arranged all of then in three C, S & E on the ground in front of the college. I took the photo from the roof. 

This is the best photo on that day taken by me from the roof.
After that, I went down and someone else took the photo, but those photos weren't that much of interesting. Yes, we took a number of photos that day including these clicks.

Yes, I was there, but all were busy in their own poses.
After these photo session, we took the college bus and there I recorded all a short video of all our CSE friends, but unfortunately, the camera fell down and the battery came out before we save that video. So, we lost that video. That was a nice clip, but that was not for us. I was happy for this group photo but really unhappy with the video. That day, I planned to record another video before we leave, but couldn't get a chance to record like that.

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