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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Memory of My Life- 8: Photoshoot for Quasar 2k16

In 2016, when I reached college after the 7th Semester break, in February, the notification for the Annual magazine Quasar had been out until that time. Somehow I managed to get into the team and when we met the Principal, Dr. Dulu Pattnaik sir, I shared the idea of the e-magazine. Then they agreed for that and decided to do everything in college with more students. But, some students had contacted the press for the printing copy. So, I advised there to do both, but principal decide to stick with the new plan for e-magazine. That's why some friends got angry on me. Trust me, I wasn't against their plan or something like that. I wished to read the next issue when I left the college. If the e-magazine idea would work, then alumni could get a copy easily.

But, the paper pack idea got canceled, since last year lots of magazines couldn't be delivered to students and everything wasted. Ok, leave that. Finally, we proceed for the e-magazine work. In the meeting, teachers decided to provide a teacher co-ordinator to guide us. Abhijit Sir, a new teacher appointed for physics teacher with contract basis. He had just finished his M. Sc. from IIT, Roorkee in that January. He joined us along with some 1st-year students. Roshni, a friend of us from Electrical branch co-ordinated the whole work. She was there for any kind of problem, discussion with teachers. Bismay, a student from 1st-year but two of his poetries had published in an International book. So, we couldn't think about the English editor except him. Juned, a student from 2nd year also had a good knowledge of English, Hindi, and Odia literature. So, he became the editor for the Hindi session. Prasant, a student from 1st-year joined to design the cover photo which is the important attraction of any magazine. He was also like my brother since he read in the same college where I was reading my +2. And I forgot to mention about my work there, obviously, I was the editor for the Odia section.

We started working on it and after the classes, I have to stay there up to the evening and had to look after others, since I was the only person from 4th Year at that time. Roshni had tried to take part in different works, but somehow she managed to be there as far as possible. In that 1 month of work, we had worked together, did lots of fun, had a good conversation and bonding with others, in which I was always poor. Finally, we had finished the work of magazine and released in the 1st day of our annual function. A bad thing happened during the release time, but thanks to Roshni, she managed that very well. Yes, that day, I learned something new from her. Keep calm during the problem and you have to handle the bad situation and learn to take the responsibility. 

But we had to distribute the magazine among students and as per the rule, we had to put some photos of us, our branches etc in the magazine. So, on 17th May 2016, we kept the photo session for our coordinators, volunteers, editors, teacher. But Abhijit Sir missed from the main photo. 

We had our last exam of 8th Semester on 18th May, so everyone was in hurry. After the photo shoot, everyone disappeared from the college, but I did some more photo shoot with teachers, friends, on the roof, inside the Communication lab. And here are some snaps below. 

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