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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Wiki Advanced Traingin: Met Mallikarjuna

Hello beautiful people, here is the 2nd blog of Wiki Advanced Training, when I met Mallikarjuna at his office.

I have to go to Ranchi from Kempagouda International Airport, Bangalore along with two other Kannada Wikimedians Mallikarjuna and Bikash Hegde. Today, I had some work at Kartik Nagar, so I went there with Nikas's Cycle. 

When I was there, I got a call from Mallikarjuna, but at that moment, I couldn't take that call. After finishing my work, I called back to him and he asked about my location so we could plan for our journey easily. And when he told me about his office location, I got surprised, because, I was there only at that moment. 

So, I went to his office, then met his boss Praveen too. It was a pleasure meeting with his boss and their marketing manager Sanjeeb. At his office, we have discussed some other things also. Previously I had met Mallikarjana on 27th May at the CIS-A2K office, when I was there for the Project Tiger offline edit-a-thon.

Today, we have discussed our route, Timing, etc for the Airport, about prework. Finally, we had decided to meet Vikas and him at the Airport. And returned back to my room. It wasn't a plan to meet him, so I hadn't taken my camera with me and missed the chance to capture these.

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