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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Wiki Advanced Training: PreWork doubts

Hello everyone, here I'm starting the series of blogs for Wiki Advance Training which would start officially from 29th July at Ranchi. But we have to reach by 28th evening and in the evening, the meeting would be the introduction, prework, etc. 

So, we received an e-mail from Krishna Chaitanya Velaga about the prework. The prework was about understanding about "Copyrights and Free Licences", "Neutral Point of View" and "The Wikipedia Library".

Since those works weren't easy for me and I needed a good understanding of everything, I met Tito da Today at the CIS-A2K office, Bangalore. Since it's Saturday, the office was closed and he came for me only.

After that, we had a quality time to discuss about the prework, tasks, etc. Then we were about to leave, but it started raining heavily. He also had to go to Hyderabad through the bus, so we came to Marathahalli by auto. After dinner, the rain started again and the bus also came 15 minutes late. He was waiting for the bus in the rain. When he called to the bus conductor, he replied in Telugu or Kannada, we couldn't understand. Then, after 2 calls, he answered in Hindi.

In that heavy rain, finally the bus came to us, and he boarded the bus at 9.15 PM. During the waiting, the rain stopped and I came to my room. At the time of dinner, we had only 40 minutes so we couldn't get the chance to capture a photo.

This is all about today, keep in touch for further updates.

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