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Thursday, 28 June 2018

Wiki Advanced Training: Day 0

Actually, this is the day when we came to Ranchi for the Wiki Advanced Training. But previously, I've shared about these things when I met Tito da then Mallikarjuna. We had to reach at the event place by today so we could start our session easily from tomorrow. That's why we arrived today and since tomorrow is Day 1, we call this Day 0 or the Icebreaking moment among all. 

In December when I went home from Kempagowda airport, it took 2 hours and 45 minutes to reach Hebbal from Marathahalli, so today, I don't want to take a risk. I slept at 10.00 pm and actually started sleeping after 11.30 pm. So easily I woke up early and took the KIAS-8 bus from Innovative Multiplex Marathahalli at 6.30 am and reached the airport by 7.45 am. There I met two Tamil Wikimedians K. Murty and Loganathan and wait to collect our boarding passes.

At that time, I've finished some of my works which I had to finish in the morning. Then we collected the boarding passes from the counter and met Ulo. Sendhamil Kodhai, another Tamil Wikimedian inside. After some time, Mallikarjuna and Vikas also joined us.

Photo: Mallikarjuna
Finally, we reached at Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi on time and then took Ola to reach our hotel. After reaching the hotel, we took our room keys, then went for lunch. We had our lunch at around 3.20 pm and as usual, I forgot to capture before eating. But I took this photo of Icecream and hot Gulab Jamun. I've never eaten hot sweets before. Usually, I prefer sweets in cold form, but this was a little bit different.

Yes, I forgot to mention about the reunion from TTT 2k18. There was Dr. Manavpreet Kaur, Satdeep Gill, Rupika Sharma, Ajay, whom I knew before since TTT 2018. After lunch, I had discussed a little bit with Manav mam and she explained about The Wikipedia Library. I hadn't covered that document attached to the mail, so she helped me with that. 

Then we had to reach the meeting room by 6.15 pm, but we arrived there at 6.35 after everyone. Then I joined the Group 1 with Mallikarjuna, Rupika, Muzammil Sir & Mahesh. There we introduced to each other and shared some fun facts, answered some funniest questions.

After this meeting, we had our lunch. And yes, this time I've captured the dinner plates except for chicken and Roti.

Spicy Noodles and Spanish Soupe
Veg Pulau, Dal fry, Kadhai Paneer, Dum Alu, Russian Salad, Bundi Raita & Papad
Russian Salad, Carrot Pudding & Papad
During the dinner, we had talked with each other and returned to our room early, since everyone needs some rest and some fresh energy for tomorrow. That's all for Day 0. Yes, we had Tito da, Tanveer da, Sailesh, and Krishan Chaitanya from the organizing team. I've some good relationships with these people, so I mention then last.

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