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Monday, 28 May 2018

Memory of My Life- 10: Farewell by our Teachers in GCEK

Everything has an expiry time, like that the final day came in our engineering life and we had to leave that place, those people, those friends. We met each other in that place, we did lots of things in that place, we learned lots of things there. We had lots of funs with those friends, we fought with each other, we fought for us, we met our first love there, our heart also had broken there. There is nothing which we didn't try there with those beautiful friends.

The day when we met each other and it was the day when we had to leave each other and had no idea about the next meet. But we had to accept the reality and that was our farewell day in college. Yes, our juniors had given the farewell, but after the exam, teachers had arranged that farewell meeting. Some had canceled their tickets also for that farewell. 

When we reached at the college, we had discussed about that night before two days, our last part in Bhawanipatna. For the last time, we laughed together and took this group photo inside our computer lab. All had the same feelings inside but kept a fake smile on the face to cooperate each other.

Teachers came for the meeting and all had the same story inside but for the last time, we talked with each other, share our feelings about friends, teachers, classed, exams, back exam, hostel, mesh, classrooms, college campus, juniors, seniors, crushes, love stories, everything. Even teachers shared their love and feelings with us. We had the most formal conversations on that day.

On that day, we couldn't feel about the time, but the time passed away very quickly like those 4 years. And for the 1st time, I had spoken a few words in front of all the teachers and the friends. Previously, I had spoken during the seminar, minor and major project submission. But on that day, I had shared some of my internal feelings for the teachers and the thanks to the friends who were there for me in those 4 years. Thank God, I hadn't broken down there like my +2 farewell speech. After the meeting, we captured every moment through our lenses. 

I kept their memories in that diary which I was maintaining since 2012 from Vinayak College. Some others also doing that and some had brought white shirts, t-shirts and took the last signature of love from the friends. 

Before we left the college forever, I and Sanat went to meet the Principal for the last time and had lots of conversations with him and the HODs from other departments also joined with us. We had our conversations around 1 and half hour and discussed a lot. Finally, when we went out, there was no one outside and it was totally dark. But we returned with the teacher's bike. 

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