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Sunday, 24 December 2017

Seven black and white pictures of your daily life: Day- 3

Sangram Keshari Senapati December 24, 2017 0
 Seven black and white pictures of your daily life: Day- 3
Seven days .... Seven black and white pictures of your daily life .... No faces, No explanations .... Challenge & Tag a friend every day .... 

After accepting the challenge from Aliva Sahoo, in the very first day, I shared the photo of Rubik's Cube and on the 2nd day, I have shared another Rubik's Cube wounded with a Dairy milk chocolate cover. On this 3rd day, I have clicked a photo of a coconut tree which was not real and made up to decorate the house by placing it on the table or at the self-showcase. Today, I challenged to Aditi Ruhela, a Panjabi Wikipedian friend.

These are made up of from different things and get a new shape by the creator. All the materials used to make this are nothing when they are not combined with all. But, when they join together forms a beautiful thing which decorates the house. We are like those raw materials of this toy-tree. We are nothing when we are alone and we are everything in a group. But, the raw materials didn't forget their features and job when there are useless too.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Seven black and white pictures of your daily life: Day- 2

Sangram Keshari Senapati December 23, 2017 0
 Seven black and white pictures of your daily life: Day- 2
Seven days .... Seven black and white pictures of your daily life .... No faces, No explanations .... Challenge & Tag a friend every day ....
After accepting the challenge from Aliva Sahoo, in the very first day, I shared the photo of Rubik's Cube on this second day, I have clicked a 3*3 Rubik's  Cube wounded with the cover of Dairy Milk chocolate cover and placed over a novel, "Till the last Breath" by Durjoy Datta. Today, I challenged to Nihar Mohanty, an Odia Wikipedian from Bhubaneswar.

This photo also shows some interesting story from my side;
  • Rubik's cube is not shown here properly, but it is doing its job and it would do it in future also. Yes, you could do your job whether you are at the front or at the back.
  • The Rubik's cube was wounded with a chocolate cover. I had eaten the chocolate, but didn't through the wrap cover anywhere, because it might create some problem to the environment. That's why I used that as a designer cover or etc. Yes, we could reuse the waste materials.
  • The wrap cover was protecting the chocolate and now the chocolate is no more. But, the wrap cover is doing the same protecting job for another product. Yes, we have to do our job, no matter where we are.
  • Reading book is really necessary because it gives more and more knowledge and definitely changes your mindset with the limited things you are associated with.
I put this book because this book shows the love for our life till the last breath. And yes, after the last breath of a pretty girl, she also saved the life another boy by her heart. Her heart started beating his breath.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Seven black and white pictures of your daily life: Day- 1

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Seven black and white pictures of your daily life: Day- 1
Seven days .... Seven black and white pictures of your daily life .... No faces, No explanations .... Challenge & Tag a friend every day .... 

I don't have any idea, who have started this challenge. But, it's really an amazing and interesting game I think. I was challenged by Aliva Sahoo, one friend from Odia Wiki Puri Tungi. So, I have to accept that challenge. And it was up to me to accept it or ignore it, but I choose to have some fun.

Actually, this challenge includes seven black and white photos of our daily life to be posted on any social media. All are doing this on Facebook, so I also choose that and also like to share on Twitter too. 

So, it is the day- 1. In this day 1, I had clicked a photo of my favourite 4*4 Rubik's Cube putting on my Laptop. Both, Laptop and Rubik's cube are my favourite, so on this first day, I wish to click this first. And there is the rule not to explain about the photo, but I can explain here. So, no problem. Also, there is another optional rule to challenge some of your friends. So on the very first day, I challenged Abha Pradha, another friend cum sister from the same Odia Wiki Puri Tungi and she also accept that challenge by posting her click of the day.

The Rubik's cube in the photo gives a great message for the society. It's very difficult to them, who think it's difficult and also it's difficult to them, who thinks it's easy but even don't try to solve it. But in reality, the solving procedure is not so hard. Anybody could solve it if he/she wish to solve it with proper desire and steps. 

Sunday, 26 November 2017

9 Years to 26/11 Mumbai Attack

Sangram Keshari Senapati November 26, 2017 0
9 Years to 26/11 Mumbai Attack

In 2008 November, there was an India tour by England cricket team. On that day, the match was at Barabati Stadium, Cuttack. Continuously India won 5 matches and there were two more matches. During the night, we heard a sad news about Mumbai Attack. A number of people killed by the terrorists and one terrorist caught alive.

After that, the England team returned to their own land safely. Every people of India may feel sad about the attack. And yes, the other countries may feel sad about this attack. Pakistan who separated from India and our motherland treat that country as her child. That child who only destroys his mother. Every-time the terrorists attacked India are from Pakistan. That country wished to become the father of terrorism and became a haven for the terrorists.

If you keep the fire on your laps, it must burn your lap too. Yes, you could through some fire to the others, but that fire won't spare you. The same thing happening to Pakistan also. Those terrorists, whom that country give all facilities sometimes also attacking them. The terrorist organizations who are saying that they want peace-creating only violation and killing people is not a way to bring peace. Yes, by killing people you may bring peace, but there would no-one to live on earth.

In that attack, a number of families lost their love and some also lost their full family. People had gone for the holiday trip and they didn't have the idea that, the trip of enjoyment might become their last trip.The time passed away and on this day we remember those people who killed in that incident. They lost their valuable lives for the sake of some stupid and insecure terrorists.

I don't have much idea about these incidents, but the terrorists should gain some knowledge about humanity and the real ambition of human. They are killing in the name of religion and the religion is killed by them.

This painting is drawn by Saswat Debadatta.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Love for Odia Movies

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Love for Odia Movies

I born and raised in a village where everyone speaks Odia only. Odia is the global language of that village. At that time, we only saw the Odia TV Channels which is provided to Doordarshan, Listen to Odia Radio only. That radio was the government station like Air Odisha. Till my 10th I had seen the Odia newspapers only.

I think everyone in our village love to watch Odia movies and the Yatra (Play). Though I raised within those people, I became that type. I love to watch Odia movie. Yes, now I don't like the Yatra, but there was a time when I love to watch Yatra. With the flow of time, my taste also changed and then I started watching Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali and English movies. But I don't give up my habit to watch Odia movies. All are complaining that the Odia movies don't have the original story. But, I don't see that. I only see the good things which might not be in the original movies. Even I had seen a story in 4 languages. Movies like Pokiri and Okkadu in Telugu had remade in some other languages and I had seen everything. The Pokiri movie remade in Tamil, Kannada and Hindi and I saw a number of variation within that. Okkadu remade in Odia, Tamil, Bengali as well as in Hindi. And in every language, there is a variation. If we are watching a movie a number of times, then why shouldn't we watch a single movie by various actors.

Yes, I love to watch Odia movie. It's true that I couldn't see a movie in a theatre. Because I don't have the patience to sit in a single place for 2 to 3 hours. That's why I depend on internet and TV to watch the movies.

Drawn by: Saswat Debadatta.

Winter Morning and Me

Sangram Keshari Senapati November 21, 2017 0
Winter Morning and Me
Nowadays, it's really a hard thing to wake up in the early morning. Mainly, it's next to impossible during winter. But, we are suffering from a maniac to sleep late in the night. But, if we sleep early in the night, then we may wake up early. In winter, we become too lazy to wake up.

By the use of different social networking site, like Facebook, Twitter, What's App, Instagram, Tumblr, etc we are becoming more lazier and the online shopping sites helping in that. Due to the social sites, we couldn't able to sleep early. I'm also suffering from this kind of problem. Couldn't sleep early in the night.

Drawn by Saswat Debadatta.
All had advised, "Early to bed, Early to rise" is good for health. But, these days, it's not so easy to rise early. Most of people love to do exercises and go for morning walk during winter days.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Doubt in Love

Sangram Keshari Senapati November 20, 2017 0
Doubt in Love

According to some people and books, LOVE is the best feeling and relationship in this world. The love may be various types starting from family to some object. But, regularly, we consider the relationship between a boy and a girl as love. Numbers of writers, poets had written about love. The movies having love stories and the novels having love stories are loved by a huge audience. 

Like KNOWLEDGE, Love is a special thing which increases by spreading. The attraction and love started from ancient time. It is here since the creation of the universe. But, sometimes it decreases within people. The main factor of the decrement is Doubt and Lies. If someone started to doubt another, then their love surely decreases and a time will come, when they both get separated from each other. The lies also increase the doubt. 

Friday, 17 November 2017

A Cup of Tea- The Power of Education

Sangram Keshari Senapati November 17, 2017 1
A Cup of Tea- The Power of Education

Today, I was scrolling my Facebook timeline and saw a video shared by Manisha. That video was just two and half minutes. It was shared on The Creativity India facebook page. Jitendra Rai a short film creator had made that film. The title was "A Cup Of Tea." 

But the movie is not about the love for tea or nothing about the tea. It was a duty and a special for the society. At the beginning of the video, a girl may be from some outside came near to a village by boat and was capturing a photo of a little boy and then that boy took his bag and started to run. Then that lady also follows him but couldn't catch him. She couldn't able to run towards him, but that boy intentionally used her to run after him.

She ran through a forest and crossed some people also and asked some people to catch that boy, but no-one catches him. She then entered the village area and then crossed some houses and reached a place, where she found a welcome board for her and that boy was there. The welcome message was written on a small blackboard, where some other children with some elder people were present with the study materials. They want to study, but no-one was there to teach them. That's why that little boy used her to run after him and should know about their problem.

She reached there with an anger within her and saw that boy as well as others. She looked the surroundings where she found everyone needs her as a teacher. But that little boy made her run and she had lost some energy. At that time, an old lady offered her a cup of tea putting that on a slate, which she might use to practice the letters. 

How someone could refuse to a cup of tea and that was on the behalf of a number of people in that village. That cup was not filled with tea only, that was filled with their love. The love for their teacher and the love towards education. How an educated person kicks the someone's love for the education. So, she also took that cup from the old lady and teach them.

Might be she left that place, but some would come next, to teach them and to guide them. Education is important to become something in life. It would definitely change the world someday. Yes, those people have the potential to become educated and they would become one. Because education does not only lie on the certificates, it lies within us.

State-Level Childrens Day Celebration by Naveen Patnaik

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State-Level Childrens Day Celebration by Naveen Patnaik

Children are important for the nation and to be a good person, they should have the great childhood. That's why the children's day celebrated on 14th November in India. It was the date of birth of the 1st Prime Minister of Independent India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He loved children the most, that's why he suggested celebrating his birthday as children's day. 

For the first time, the government of Odisha organized a state-level children's day celebration. A state-level celebration organized at Bhubaneswar with a huge number of students and also the program was live through social media, Television channels and aired also. At that program, two teenager singers of Odisha, Ananya Sritam Nanda and Satyajit Jena had performed. The Prince Dance Academy also performed with Odisha Dance Academy. The Chief Minister Sri Naveen Patnaik also came to the event and give around 12 minutes of speech in Odia. Then the students do the promise to read well and be the best.

This is a great initiative for the children. Also, the program was shown to the school children through the TV or Projector. This program also celebrated at Panchayat level, Block level as well as in district level. Some students joined where they wished to join with their friends. But the problem is, some made this as a political campaign and some also commented on the live video as that program was some campaigning for their political party.

Image may contain: 5 people, people sitting
Block-Level Children's day celebration at Bonth. (Source: Harinarayan Mohanty)


Image may contain: 1 person, standing and indoor
Panchayat Level Children's Day Celebration at Nilok GP. (Source: Hari Narayan Mohanty)

Image may contain: 14 people, crowd and indoor
Panchayat Level Children's Day Celebration at Nilok GP. (Source: Hari Narayan Mohanty)
In some places, students also left before finishing the program. Yes, that happened due to the lack of preparation and some other activities, which the students didn't like. This is not to criticize anyone, but to appeal to all for co-operation and please know what to do where. 

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor
Children left before the meeting was over at Bonth. (Source: Hari Narayan Mohanty)

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Rasagola Vs Rosogolla

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Rasagola Vs Rosogolla

It started from 2015 when Odias celebrate #RasagolaDibasa on Niladribije of Lord Jagannatha. After that, some Bengali claimed that Rasagola originated form their state and then Odisha also reply to them. After that, the Rasagola war started in between Odisha and Bengal. 

Then Odisha Government made some committees to get the proof of Rasagola and some found it was written in Dandi Ramayana. Dandi Ramayana was written by Balaram Das around 800 years ago. And the government declared that they had applied with all the proofs for the Rasagola GI tag. 

Yesterday, Mamata Banarjee the Bengal CM tweeted about the GI tag for Rasagola. She tweeted that the sweet news for her state. They got the GI status for Rosogolla. 

After that, some media reported the news that Bengal won the GI status over Odisha. They even didn't try to find the original news.
A number of Media reported the news and relate it to Odisha. (Source:

But some reported that they had claimed for the Banglar Raosogolla (Bengal Rosogolla). OpIndia also gets the report from Mr Chinnaraja G Naidu, Assistant Registrar of Trade Marks & GI, that the GI status had given to the Banglar Rosogolla, not to the "Rasagola" or "Rasgulla". 

After that Odia twipples got fire on Mamata Banarjee and on our Government too. Some also made funny pictures on Odisha government and Mamata.

After that Odisha CM's twitter handle had tweeted a photo about to apply for the GI status for Odishara Rasagola.

And finally, the truth came for the Odia people that, Odisha had not applied for the GI tag.

On 15th November, finally, the officer woke up and arrange a meeting for the GI tag. 

And then decided to apply for the GI status by searching for proper proof again and God knows when they would apply for it.