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Sunday 2 April 2023

"What is Shubhapallaba?" answers by ChatGPT-4

"What is Shubhapallaba?" answers by ChatGPT-4

I asked the question to GPT-4 on Poe about Shubhapallaba and the two paragraphs are the answers without any extra feeding.

Shubhapallaba is an online Odia literature platform and e-magazine based in Odisha, India. It primarily focuses on promoting Odia language and literature by providing a platform for writers, poets, and artists to showcase their work. The platform publishes a variety of literary content such as poems, short stories, essays, and articles related to Odia culture, traditions, and history. The e-magazine is published periodically and features works from both established and emerging writers in the Odia language.

The goal of Shubhapallaba is to encourage the growth and appreciation of Odia literature, foster a sense of pride in the language, and inspire the younger generation to engage with their cultural roots. By providing an accessible online platform for creative expression, Shubhapallaba plays a vital role in preserving and promoting the rich literary tradition of Odisha.


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