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Saturday 30 June 2018

Wiki Advanced Training: Day 2

It was day 2 of our Wiki Advanced Training at Le Lac Sarovar Hotel in Ranchi. Yesterday, our sessions started at 10.00 am, we couldn't cover all the allotted topics of yesterday, so today we had to start at 8.30 am.

As per the plan we all woke up early and after refreshment, I had finished the Wikipedia and Wikisource article of the day and we four went for breakfast together. And as usual, at the breakfast table, we had started some of our conversations, but to avoid being late, we had kept that short.

As per the time, we couldn't start exactly at 8.30 but started just before 9.00 am. First Tito da had explained a very good thing, i.e. about Google Advanced Search which would help at the time of citation of any articles. Yes, he had explained this to me at our last meeting at the CIS-A2K office, when I asked him to help me with the prework for this event.

After that, Satdeep and Rupika had shared some interesting things about edit-a-thons and contests running to create and improve articles in various communities, where they had added about Punjab edit-a-thons, Project Tiger, etc. Previously I didn't have many ideas about edit-a-thons, but now-a-days, I'm also participating in edit-a-thons, that's why I found this interesting. And all the community members should show their interests for a successful edit-a-thon.

Tanveer da has some work, that's why he had left today only, but before that, he had an important session, which would help a community for improving their quality content. He had explained how we could engage others for our community like Collaboration, Request one article, Adopt an article, 1Lib1Ref, etc. 

After that, we had shared or you can call it exchanged some of the ideas with others. Since I'm only one from the Odia community, I had joined with Bengali, Gujarati, and Sanskrit community and we made the cross-community group and shared our ideas to reach more readers.

After this, we took 40 minutes brake for lunch, then AddisWang had presented about Wikipedia Asian Month over a voice conference call, which was co-ordinated by Sailesh and Rupika. Then Krishna and Manav had shared about Good Articles and Featured Articles.

Then Tito and Satdeep had presented about Neutral Point of view, under which we had discussed about some articles. Then we had shared some of our community rules about this. After that, we took a 10 minutes tea break.

After the tea break, Jay Prakash had given a presentation about Media Wiki, and in that session, he had explained about Mediawiki extensions. This was the last session of the day and had finished around 6.15 pm. After that, we had our dinner at 8.00.

This was all about Today and now see this beautiful image when it was raining here. Tomorrow again we have to start at 8.30 am again.

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