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Tuesday 3 July 2018

Wiki Advanced Training: Day 3

For 3 days, we were in Ranchi for the Wiki Advanced Training 2k18 at Le Lac Sarovar Hotel. This was the last day of our Training, where we had to learn some and had to leave that place too. As we had decided yesterday to start at 8.30 am but started around 9.00 am. The previous night we slept after 3.30 am, that's why we took this extra 30 minutes to start. 

The day 3 started with the coffee, and then had our breakfast. At the breakfast table, all were discussing some things. 

After the Breakfast, Muzzamil sir had left for Airport. But before that, we took the group photo in front of the hotel entrance. In that group photo Tanveer da, Mallikarjuna, and Sailesh were missing since Tanveer had left and they were getting ready. 

Then our sessions started with the introduction by Tito da since Tanveer da wasn't there to start the day. The first presentation of the day was given by Satdeep and Krishna about Reliable sources which we should use for the Wikipedia Articles. 

Then we had discussed with each other and for some specific topic, we choose the reliable references as well as some exceptions. Then we did a presentation for that. So, all the communities could take those as their references. In this work, we had our tea.

After the community presentation, we had shared our future prediction for our community, for the articles and as per discussion, we should write 10 good articles in near future. Then the participants had shared their experiences for this event and then the organizer team thanked us as per their style.

After this, we had celebrated Paligiri Sir's B'day there. He cut the Cake and then we had our lunch quickly. We had to catch our return flight.

After lunch, Bangalore and Delhi people left the hotel. I joined Manav, Rupika & Jay Prakash for the airport. We boarded as per the time and had some interesting conversations there too. After that our Bangalore flight left at 4.20 and they were there for a little more time. 

At the time of our take up, it was raining there. After the take-up, the sky was clear, and in that 2.20-hour journey, I slept around 1 hour. Then we landed in Bangalore, from where Jinoy had to catch his next flight to Kochi, and Loganathn sir had to catch his train for his place. I and Mallikarjuna had taken the KIA-8 bus to reach our places. Vikas had taken another bus for his place. Finally, I reached my room at around 8.30 pm.

This was all about our Day 3 at Wiki Advanced Training. You could follow this Label for all the blogs related to this event. 

P.S.: Due to some health issues, I couldn't write this blog on 1st or 2nd of July. 

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