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Friday, 29 June 2018

Wiki Advanced Training: Day 1

My day 1 started early with some morning tea. Yesterday we slept early so, woke up early and everything started early. After tea, I had written the Wikipedia article for the WikiYear and edit the Wikisource page for the day.

And we have this beautiful view outside of our room, where you could see people taking bath, washing clothes, and some of their goods. 

Around 8.30 I went for breakfast, After breakfast, we had to start our sessions from 10.00 am.

On Plate: Poori, Bhaji, Suji Upma, Idli, Coconut Chatni, Boiled Egg, Fish Cutlet, Tent Potato & Baby Corn.
On the Plate: Sprout Sala, Pastry & Fruits.
Can Mango Juice
We start our session with the introduction of the event by Tito da and Tanveer da. Then Manav man and Tito had asked us to note down our fields of interest and the sources from which we are taking our references for our articles. Then we have shared those with everyone so we could get some more know more about the referral sources.

After that Krisha and had started the presentation about General Structure & Layout of articles, which is really necessary for a good article. Then we took a tea break for 15 to 20 minutes. There was a sweet table where sweets from different places placed together. Since I came from Bangalore, I didn't bring sweets that would define my region. 

Sweet Table having sweets from various regions.

After this tea break, the presentation continued. Then, we had taken five of our articles from our own community and we had chosen 5 recent articles in Odia and point out the problems with them. 

Then we went for lunch at the same place where we had our breakfast in the morning. Since we had to cover more topics during that, we took the 30 minutes lunch brake.

Tomato Dhaniya Sorba
On Plate: Jeera Rice, Lelac Dal, Sahi Paneer, Bhindi do pyaja, Green Salad, Chicken Kasa, Jalebi & Papad.
There some members from every community had described the points they got from their chosen articles. For Odia, I and Sailesh had shared our view from 3 articles. As usual, I spoke in Odia and Sailesh had translated them into English. 

After that, again Krishna had started another presentation about The Wikipedia Library, which was sent to us by e-mail as our prework. So, we had gone through some basics before and he had explained some more about this. There was a conference call of Krishna, Aron Vasanth, and Felix Nartey for this session, where Aron and Felix had explained some things about The Wikipedia Library. Before the conference call, we took another quick tea break.

After the call, we had finished our sessions for the day at around 6.15 pm and then there was a condolence meeting for Gangadhar Bhadani sir who passed away this February. He had joined Wikipedia in March 2005 and in September 2005, he became the editor for English Wikipedia and continued his work till last. He was an inspiration to lots of Wikimedians in India. His wife and daughters had also joined us. 

After this, the CIS-A2K team had felicitated to Sendhamil Kodhai sir from Tamil and Palagiri sir from Telugu wiki for their contribution to Wikipedia in various fields.

Sendhamil Kodhai Sir
Palagiri Sir
After this meeting, we had our lunch at that same place. And at the time of Lunch, we had some good conversations. 

Veg Lemon Coriander Soup
On the Plate: Green Salad (not visible), Raita, Veg Biriyani, Rajma Rasedar, Indian Bread, Aloo Pyaz ka Khade Masala, Palak Paneer, Fish Lipta Masala, Chicken & Papad

And these are all about for Day 1. We had to start the sessions for Day 2 at 8.30 am. 

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