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Tuesday 21 March 2017

Share the Beauty of Life and Make this life more Beautiful

Sometimes we see something in such a different way that we can’t even see the right parts. We just see the negative parts within that.
Even within some person we can’t see the good things they have, only the bad things were visible to us. We are here to help each other and make our life more beautiful. Because “Life is Beautiful” and we have to add more happiness into it to make this more beautiful and share these beauties with others.

This old lady had no idea about the use of smart phone, but she bought is to see her grand daughter. It’s that age when people behaving like small kids. Yes these are true, they want to walk with their children, grand children by matching with their steps like a small kid tries to follow the foot steps of his/her mother. They did everything for us. What they did for us, we couldn’t do 1% for them. In these days they need someone to being with them with whom they can share their life. But in our busy life, we don’t have a few time to spend with them. But we never thing about them that what they did for us. They can’t sleep in peace when we were in trouble, then how could we sleep comfortably.

At this stage they need us, our support. And if we can't be with them, just could make a call once to them. Isn't it our duty to take care of them? Some also think that these things they are doing by buying smart phones in these days are stupid ideas. But they needs to understand the actual reason behind this. Some didn't help them in the use of these things but can make fun on them. If you couldn't make someone happy, then you don't have any right to make them unhappy.

Just love them, care for them, they should treat you as your best buddy. Otherwise they may start hate you and others too. If you see these type of people who needs some help, just help them. Not for them but for your old age also. 

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