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Sunday 26 March 2017

Dream to Bring a smile on Lips

In Odia there is a proverb: “ନିଜେ ନ ମଲେ ଯମର ଦର୍ଶନ ମିଳେନି” means if you won’t die, then you can’t see the lord Yamah by yourself.
Yes, this is real if someone won’t go through some situation he/she can’t imagine the actual things of those situations. If we were not go through the situation of hungry, then we can’t understand the life a poor man who can’t able to arrange some food.

Once a teacher asked his student who belongs to a very rich family to write an essay about her vehicle driver. She wrote like this: Our driver Raghaba is very poor. He has an old model car. He drop his kids with that car. etc. etc..

It’s not her fault, it’s her experience through which she gone through. She didn’t see the poverty from her close. One poor man can understand the pain of a hungry man. There are many people who can’t able to arrange meal for 2 times. But there are many people who can’t eat everything on their plate. There are many people who can’t get a bread and many people don’t like bread since it’s low cost.

We are living in a era where a person cries if he can’t eat chicken biriyani on Sunday but a child who don’t get full meal. Just think about them, help them to arrange a full mean for them and bring a smile on their lips. 

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