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Thursday 23 March 2017


Always we see the negative things of some good things. Where as the negative things are very less as compared to the good things.
When ever we are driving or riding on the road, all of us were in hurry. Sometimes the traffic jam may occurred due to this rush. Everyone has to reach first. I've shared these things in another blog previously. But today I've seen a post in Facebook, may be that video made for a kind of awareness, but the message from that video is awesome.

A lame old man crossing the road while the traffic wait for signal. Actually in some area the traffic rule is compulsory otherwise you got punished. In some area who cares for traffic rules. But in that video the vehicles stopped as with the red signal. There are some time limit to stop the traffic. In that time that old man was crossing the road with the help of an walking stick. He was holding a packet of fruits and tried to cross the road within the traffic signal time. With hurry the packet felt down from his hand and due to lack of time he tried to walk without collecting the fruits. An old man who suffered from physical pain couldn't able to collect them within the time. All the people watching that seen from their vehicles. And when they saw that old man was walking without collecting those fruits, everyone came forward and collect all the fruits and that traffic police who was controlling the signal system also stop the signal. Finally every one joined their hand to help that old man. Someone told, "Nothing is Impossible when everyone join their hands to do that."

Everyone helped each other to collect the fruits and help that old man and brought the natural smile on his face and left a message out "Humanity". We all are humans, we are belonging to one family only. This planet is like a home to us. And everyone living in this planet are our family members only. When ever any problem came to our family, we face them all together. Because a bundle of sticks hasn't broken by anyone. Like that, nothing can dare us when we all are together. We all the members of a big family. Let's solve the problem together and help each other.

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