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Tuesday 14 March 2017

Animal vs Human

I think those who may read this blog are the human beings. God made human with all the abilities to serve for all, but we people started rule over all. We just forgetting our actual work to do. We started our work to do by others. Like we need a dog to protect our home, horse to ride, etc etc. But as per our science rule, every action has equal and opposite reaction. Like that, we should help them who did our work.
God is a fool, he made all the living beings to balance everything but, we are trying to unbalance everything and trying to spread all over. For our cheerful life, we are becoming like animals. 

To make some town or some industry or something else, we are destroying our environment. We are destroying the actual beauty which is our nature and running behind some parlor’s beauty which may lose with a little water. When ever we needs a place which belong to others mean to other person, we needs to give the compensation for that place or land or the cost of that place. But we are destroying, burning the nature’s beauty, the environment through which more and more living beings are lives happily. When we are burning or destroying the forest or cut the trees, we never thing about those who lives in that. If there would be a man, then can you went by cutting them without giving the compensation. They are the animals, they can’t survive with the polluted human society. They suffered from these kind of stupid thing caused by human.

In a Chinese movie, “The Monkey King”, that king destroyed everything with in some minutes, but couldn’t re-create those with a period of 300 years. So, it’s easy to destroy everything with in a few seconds, but that is very difficult to re-create them. We never think the impacts on the animal by destroying their forest. God gifted them the forest to live happily, we shouldn’t interfere in their life, other wise they should try to destroy our living places. Yes we may have the weapons, but we couldn’t win them with their blood, we should win with our friendship bond. They are the important parts in this environment, when they won’t be here, we may not be here.

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