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Monday 27 March 2017

Ladke Rote Nehi

“Ladke Nehi rote..” Means our boys shouldn’t cry. Since many years there is a trend that the women are made cry, work hard but don’t deserve any credit. One more interesting thing is: “Mard ko kabhi Dard nehi hota..” Mean shouldn’t feel pain. What rubbish. It’s not the actual thing, we make the man in a different way by feeding these things since childhood. If a boy cries, then people says why are you crying like a girl.
Even I’ve also used this statement when some of my friend cries. But I cried many times. What we are doing by saying like this? We are teaching them that girls are born to cry. Isn’t it? And some people says a man shouldn’t feel pain even if he gets hurt. What the feelings of a person couldn’t be shareable with others. If he feels pain, then he couldn’t even tell about this to others to reduce the pain.

Yes, I agree you told a child like this to divert his mind but you can tell them that you are a brave boy, you shouldn’t cry like cowards. But why are you guys comparing them with girls? From the childhood, their mindset towards girls changes gradually. And they fixed in their mind, that girls are born to cry. And sometime people says, “Are you doing the jobs of a girl?” Why couldn’t he? If he can do that job, then why couldn’t he do that job? Yes, there are some specific works which only the boys and the girls can do. But those works which could done by both, why couldn’t did by a boy? Especially the works at home are said to be the works of girls. Even the boys could do those easily, but can’t do due to the fear that what people will say. What the people will say? Their work is to say something bad. They couldn’t see the happiness of someone so they tries to insert their nose in their life. 

These types of things about girls on boys’ mind increasing day by day since their childhood. So in future when they grew up and those blind things captures their whole mind and they abuses girls. In our society, there is a good thing about girls is: “Girls are stoic.” They could bear everything. Yes, they don’t oppose anything, that doesn’t mean they can bear everything. If a boy couldn’t feel pain, then it doesn’t mean a girl couldn’t feel pain. Yes, it’s our human body process in which everyone feels pain. They how should we abuse someone? How should we torture them?

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