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Friday 27 April 2018

The Story behind the New Name: Nabapallaba to Shubhapallaba

In this world everything is changeable. Yes, Science says, "Energy changes from one form to another." Like that our life, journey, money, etc. change from one form to another form. We live our life happily, but without any trouble how we could live happily. So we hire trouble and enjoy the pain. But here that thing I hired was not actually a trouble but some interesting thing which was my dream since 2016. 

Yes, that thing was to publish a magazine. It was the time of my last days in engineering in the year of 2016, I was the editor of the college magazine and the unofficial co-ordinator also. Yes, that was my plan to do the e-magazine for the 1st time in the college, so we worked together to make that happen. Yes, we worked around 8-9 hours per day for one and a half month to make the 1st e-magazine beautiful and attractive. All the members associated with the work did an excellent job for the magazine. After that, I left the college and the plan to publish an e-magazine in Odia language was always in my mind. Even there were some e-magazines in Odia, but I didn't have any idea about that. Yes, I didn't have any idea up to October 2017. 

So, on 20th December 2017, I have decided to execute my plan which was in my mind from last 2 years. In the meantime, some magazines also rejected my articles. So, I wish to publish an e-magazine in Odia and the main goal of the magazine was to give chance to the new authors. So, it took 10 hard working days to complete the full magazine work and I must thankful to Tapas bhai, without whom I mightn't finish the whole work. 

On 1st January 2018, the 1st edition of our Magazine published. Yes, I forgot to mention the name of the magazine. Yes, the name was Nabapallaba, yes that name is past for us. We need to change the name due to some reason. I won't say about that old story, how I named the magazine. But I would say the story of our new name.

Yes, we all are humans and we all have the emotions. We couldn't leave those things with which we are attached, like that how could we leave that name which was my 1st magazine, some writers got chance to publish their 1st articles through this magazine. But we need to move on. 

We need to change the name which would look like similar to the previous name. So, we talked with some family members, friends about this. A number of names came to the mind and finally, we got confused in between two names, "Shubhapallaba" and "Naba Srujana".

Shubhapallaba is similar to Nabapallaba, so we decided to stick with that name. Finally, on Akshaya Trutiya, we took the final decision and named it as "Shubhapallaba".

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