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Thursday 26 April 2018

Memory of My Life- 6: Last Marriage in our Family

Yhea! It was the last marriage festival of our family, not for all time, but for until today. Yes, I've 3 cousins brothers and they are elder than me. So, they got married before I finish my engineering. The 1st one got married when I was in 7th standard and the 2nd one in 2013. 

They didn't invite me to the 2nd one's marriage since my 2nd-semester exams were starting from the next day of his marriage. So, I missed it. That's why they had asked me before fixing the date of the 3rd one. Finally, I was invited to the marriage which was held on 26th April 2016. Yes, 2016 was my last year of Engineering and he had his marriage before my final exams. 

That journey from Bhawanipatna to Bhadrak was a memorable one. I was suffering from typhoid in those days, so planned an early comeback to home before the marriage. That night, I took the direct bus from Bhawanipatna to Bhadrak. Yes, just before 15 days, the direct bus from Bhawanipatna to Bhadrak started and this was my 1st journey to Bhadrak directly. Unfortunately, the bus had broken down in the middle of the road, but the driver managed to drive in that condition. Previously our plan was to reach by 7 am but reached on 10 am. 

Finally, the marriage date came we were having fun. Yes, that fun was enough I know. I don't have any friends there to make fun. But I could make fun by myself and I know it. That's why I was busy in covering all the moments. I've documented everything on that day. But, couldn't capture the full rituals of Marriage. That's all about the marriage day.

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