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Friday 23 March 2018

Raid: Movie Reviews

Since the plot of the movie is based on a real story, they have shown everything in a real way by adding some punch dialogues which attract people more. 

Ajay Devgan played the role of an income tax officer as Amay Patnayak and Ileana D'cruz played the role of his wife as Malini Patnayak. Amay got 49 transfers in just 7 days for his loyalty. He collected some big information from some stranger and went on the raid to the home of an MLA in UP who is well known as Tauji there with the permission from the Govt. 

Initially, they couldn't find anything, but with the guidance of the informer, they recovered a huge amount of black money. After that Tauji tried to bribe him, but he refused and Tauji requested to allow him to go out. He allowed him and sent him out. Tauji went to all the minister from CM to PM. Finally, PM called Amaya t stop the raid, but Amay demands the order written, so PM also bent after him. 

But the innocent people who don't have any idea about Tauji came to attach the IT officers, but somehow Amay succeed to save them and he stayed there till the force came to rescue, he protect all the raid amount from those people. 

The performance of Ajay, Ileana, and Sourabh Shukla are outstanding. I think this is the style of Ajaya's work. Music in the movie is also good. The cinematography is also good.

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