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Wednesday 28 February 2018

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety- Movie Review

The story starts with a boy, Sonu who is an event planner and he has a friend, Titu who always needs him. Sonu decides everything about Titu. That's why Titu broke up with her girlfriend as Sonu advised him. After that Titu's marriage fixed with another girl named Sweety. But Sonu doesn't like to share his Titu with anyone else, so he tried various tricks to stop their marriage. But Sonu couldn't find a way to stop their marriage. So finally, he blackmailed Titu emotionally to stop the marriage and Titu ran away from marriage for his one and only best friend.

The performance is good. All played their role as per required. But, I love the role of Alok Nath ji, the Babuji in a different getup. The music of the movie declared super hit for the topmost composers and singers. Music is good. The cinematography is also good. They show the required scenes.

But, the plot of the movie is not so good, it's not that much interesting as we wished. But, hopefully, some comedies have done by all. I would give a 2.5 star to the movie.


  1. ଇଂଗିଲିସି ରେ ନେଖିଚ ବୁଝି ହଉନି ।

    1. ଇଂରାଜୀରେ ନ ଲେଖିଲାବେଳକୁ ନା, ଇଂରାଜୀ ପୁରା କମିଯାଉଛି ।
      ସେଇଥିପାଇଁ ଭୁଲ୍ ହେଲେ ବି ଇଂରାଜୀରେ ଲେଖିବାକୁ ପଡ଼ୁଚି, ଅଭ୍ୟାସ ପାଇଁ ।
      ନ ହେଲେ କେବେ କେବେ ମଣିଷ ଅସୁବିଧରେ ପଡ଼ି‌ଯାଉଚି ନା ।