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Thursday 29 June 2017

Best Uses of our Garbage

Every time, when I used to pass through the stocks of garbage, I couldn't breath normally. The stuck of garbage is that enough as the population of the city. There are more and more number of peoples who used different types of things in their day to day life. Mainly more number of people likes to use the new things and they threw the old one. Within some days they exchanges with newly items.

According to the populations, the garbage increases and there are nothing such processes to decompose them. There are many people who couldn't manage to arrange their daily needs, but some threw things which are partially new. 
Previously I wrote the same thing about these garbage, so don't need to say those again and again. Some are sought about the green earth and the new earth, but never tried to make this world green. They advice everyone to make this world a green one. Once Mahatma Gandhi left eating salt to show his wife that, "You needs to do that thing before advising anyone about that." But, these people forget that work by the Father of Nation. Even if you couldn't plant a tree inside your garden, then how could others follow you.

3 to 4 days before, I found a beautiful thing shared by Manaswini mam to plant small green plants by the wasted bottles. At least the environment withing which we are living must have some green environment. The green environment give us a fresh mind and make us active. We could sleep happily with that green and fresh environment. 

I never tried to make such things, but every-time I used to reuse the things to reduce the amount of garbage. Government couldn't make this country clean, till when we didn't make ourselves clean. The work of Government is to make awareness, but we are the people to implement those techniques to make the environment clean. Even the public couldn't manage to clean the environment, everybody needs co-operation. Government and public should work together to make this world clean.

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