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Friday 6 March 2020

Everyone Has a Story

Sangram Keshari Senapati March 06, 2020 0
Everyone Has a Story

Everyone Has a Story is the 1st novel written by Miss Savi Sharma released in August 2015. This novel is based on an inspirational Story of Dreams, Friendship, Love & Life. As a debut writer she published this novel by herself and quickly became popular and bestselling.

As you all know, during the struggle period, nobody cares for you and after success, everybody started following you. In that rule, Westland publisher collaborated with her and publishing her books now. By February 2017 more than 1,00,000 copies of the book were sold.

In 2018, when I was in Bangalore, I bought a couple of books there seeing the reviews on Amazon, which includes This is Not Your Story and when I opened that book, I came to know about the author and her story too. Then I stopped reading that thought to read the 1st novel at first and then the 2nd one.

Once Tapas Bhai, my co-editor for Shubhapallaba had given this book and almost after 1 and half years just a few days back when I returned from Delhi after the 6th PRABASI BHASHA SAMMAN-2020 I started reading this one. 

According to the story of this novel, there are four main characters; Meera, a fledgling writer who is in search of a story that can touch millions of lives. Vivan, an assistant branch manager at Citibank who dreams of traveling the world. Kabir, a cafe manager who desires something of his own. Nisha, the despondent cafe customer who keeps her secrets of her own. And everyone has their own stories with own struggles.

When I started reading the book, I was curious to know about the writer Meera, how she wished to write a book without a story? But when I started reading further and turn pages, their stories stick my attention to read and complete as quickly as possible.

Everyone's story has some unique thing, but when the story came to an end, I really didn't expect such things. But after all, I love the very last part. While giving a review of any books, I really appreciate the hard work of the author. Here she did a fabulous job, that's why this book got the best seller from the Indian readers.

If you want to read this novel for free, then It's available on Kindle unlimited and you could listen to it on Audible for free too. 

Saturday 15 February 2020

Chumbak: 1st Series on TarangPlus

Sangram Keshari Senapati February 15, 2020 0
Chumbak: 1st Series on TarangPlus

When the TarangPlus app was launched by Odisha Television Network, we expected some new digital movies and web series and that happened on this Valentine's Day.

On the 14th of February in 2020, the 1st web series on TarangPlus Chumbak started streaming. So, today I started watching. The 1st episode is free for all and the other 6 episodes are premium. Though I haven't taken the subscription but I can watch all premium movies and series.

The story started with a simple girl, Sikha played by Divya Mohany from Paradeep who met Manya, a modern girl played by Tammana Vyas at Bhubaneswar at a intercollege festival. Then they became friends, best friends.

When Sikha left after the fest, Manya felt bad, so she changed her college to Sikha's, then the friendship came to another point, where everybody questioned them. It's a college life friendship love story, which our people see in a different way.

I love the whole concept and the way of presentation, but in some scenes, some unnecessary slags are used. Yes, some people are saying such things in public, but we could avoid that, without those, the storyline would be the same.

There are two major characters, Shikha and Manya and apart from them, others are not well prepared for their role. the 1st episode was quite boring, some characters playing the role forcefully and seem they aren't saying the dialogues, they are reading from some promotor.

I'm waiting for the next season. Hopefully, next time the creators may focus on such issues. They may give their character more time to practice properly.

Tuesday 4 February 2020

Failure is Necessary to get Success

Sangram Keshari Senapati February 04, 2020 0
Failure is Necessary to get Success

The journey started from a beautiful place, where every day you could feel the beauty of nature directly through your eyes. Rose is beautiful, but it hurts when you can't hold it properly; like that way the beautiful place and the beautiful town started giving me pain when I can't control myself in all my studies. Because I was afraid to fail and that failure came every single time through my results, sometimes through my friends.

But life is all about LEARNING and those failures taught me lots of things and those 4 years taught me the most important lessons of life. Yes, still I'm learning lots of things, but the 1st learning process started from there when I got 4.5 SGPA in my 3rd-semester results. Someone had said to me, "you are going to read in the same semester again, because the if are going to secure less than 4.5, it's a year-back." And he also said I would definitely score less than this in my next semester, but luckily I never happen.

If you get success, everyone would come and ask for your success story, but here it's all about the story of failure. Because when you fail people would advise you the best things in life. Of course, at that time, you would get irritated from those silly pieces of advice. But you can't listen to everybody so just listen to yourself and think the exact point of your failure. In my case, my fear was that thing and then I started keeping a distance from all my family and friends who used to give me such advice.

But to change the track is not so easy, so I started reading and wring anything. I was poor in English and my voice is low, for that reason once I was scrolled by Priya mam in my 2nd semester. Obviously, from that day, I stopped asking and answering to the teachers. Due to poor English knowledge, I couldn't write in English, so started writing in Odia. In those days, my Odia writing was very poor and English writing was worst. So, I started learning both the languages, since Odia is my mother tongue, I learned that quickly rather than English. But still, I was not happy with my writings, I was looking to publish them somewhere, but such platforms were not available in those days. Typing in Odia Unicode was the 1st challenge to me.

Once I came to know about Odia Wikipedia and I was using that to type in Odia. And then I had created some random articles and the 1st one got deleted. So started learning more about the articles to write, so others could improve that and I could check my Odia writing skills. And that thing happened and my writing skills started improving day by day as well as I had learned how to write the answers on my Answer sheet in the semesters. This thing worked with me, but the internal fear was still there. The new teachers also helped, so I had started asking and answering to them since they are young and just a few years elder than us.

I was afraid to check my 5th-semester results, but I was surprised when I saw the results. For the 1st time in my engineering life, I passed all those papers. The success brings confidence and that confidence reflects in my case too. The internal fear started fading away gradually and by that time, with the period of one year, I had learned how to face that fear and how to improve my self.

My learning process was going on and I had learned how to manage life and how to appear two exams on a single day and to clear both the papers. In the same time, I was writing on Odia Wikipedia and Odia Wikisource regularly, which helped me to keep me busy with the same learning process. By that time, I had also started both my English and Odia blogs on Blogger. In my 3rd year, my 1st ever article was published on our college magazine and the editor had asked for one more story in Odia. His question for the 2nd story for the same magazine helped me to decide for next year magazine. I was the editor for the Odia section in 2016 and for the 1st time, we had published the e-magazine since we are promoting e-education and digital India.

That day I was standing on the stage with Principal sir and Priya mam, and thinking those words which she said in 2013. In that time those words had hurt me, but that word, "LOOSER" pushed me to improve me for something. To complete that magazine we had faced some problems, but later those problems helped me to start and finish my own publishing magazine within just 11 days.

In 2016, I had completed my engineering degree in Computer Science and the fear for the year-back was not there, but some new fear added to the queue. Still, I couldn't get a good job, but I was stick with that thing which helped me to improve myself. So, I was writing on Odia Wikipedia and Wikisource often. But in March 2017, I came to know about #100WikiDays, one challenge started from Bulgaria where you have to write 100 articles on a particular wiki platform for a period of 100 days. 

From 8th March 2017 on World Women's Day, I had started creating women biographies on Odia Wikipedia. Those 100 days were really memorable since, in April, there was communal violence in Bhadrak, as a result, the internet was down for 48 hours. I had to keep writing and the Internet of the district was not working, I was about to fail again, but they called off the curfew for four hours and within that time, I took my father's bike and went up to the tower of Balasore district. There I parked the bike and wrote the article for the day and returned back. On 15th June 2017, I had completed my 1st #100wikidays successfully.

As I had mentioned previously a small success in life leads you towards a big and I had targeted for the WikiYear and started writing for that on 13th July 2017 and successfully completed the journey on 12th July in 2018. In those 365 days, I had written 365 articles related to Odia film industry and more than 100 other articles.

But after that, the journey wasn't so easy. Around 25 articles which I had written in those days had deleted. For a biography, I had taken an average of 4 hours which results "404 The Article Not Found". That day again the same failure came to my life. For some time, I had thought to give up and some people also forced me to do that. But those failure days had taught me to listen to me only and I had ignored them again. Again all those words pushed me to go forward.

On 12th July 2018, I had completed 2 WikiYears. I'm the 3rd person in India as well as in the world to achieve this. Recently Orissa Post had covered a story on this topic. Till today, I had written more than 1050 articles on Odia Wikipedia with 23500+ edits and also completed the 1st wikiyear on Odia Wikisource. In 2019, I got 3rd position in India and 6th position in the world in a photography competition by Wikimedia Commons named as "Wiki Loves Love". Apart from this, I'm the founder and editor of one Odia e-Magazine, Shubhapallaba. Recently we had extended the magazine to English, Bangla, Hindi, and Sanskrit just to give an opportunity to the new writers to support them morally.

I would conclude this one with this line which I had written for the title, "Failure is necessary to get Success in Life" because the failure teaches us.

Sunday 27 October 2019

TarangPlus: 1st Entertainment App in Odia Language

Sangram Keshari Senapati October 27, 2019 0
TarangPlus: 1st Entertainment App in Odia Language

TarangPlus App is Odisha's first online video streaming app by Odisha Television Network launched today on 27th November 2019 on the occasion of Diwali.

Previously, the era was known for the Television Industry and later it changed to Internet World. All channels started uploading their shows on YouTube, but due to copyright issues there, some videos blocked, some sounds muted. To avoid this, some media houses like Start, Sony, Colors, Zee made their own apps HotStar, SonyLiv, Voot, Zee5 respectively and many other apps like ATL Balaji, Viu, NetFlix, MX Player, Amazon Prime, etc launched in India and other countries also for easy video streaming.

But, in Odia language, the Odisha Television Network launched its own app to steam the shows of its channel OTV, Tarang, Tarang Music, Prarthana, Alankar as well as some extra shows and new songs only for the App.

The price rate for the app is 1 Rupee per day, but you have to take at least a one-year subscription, which is 365/- per year. But there is an offer for the new users now.

Hopefully, we could see the older series and talk shows on that App. The talk shows may help me to know more information about our Odia celebrities to write about them on Odia Wikipedia.

Thursday 20 December 2018

Advanced Wikidata Training

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Advanced Wikidata Training

Advanced Wikidata Training 2018 or AWT2018 was a residential training workshop for experienced Wikidata editors in India to be conducted on 15-16 December 2018 held at Grand Hometel, Malad West, Mumbai.

For this training, I was selected by the organizers and from Odia Wikimedia user group, I and Mrutyunjay Kar had selected for this. So, on the 14th December, I joined Kar Bhai at Biju Pattnaik International Airport, Bhubaneswar to Mumbai.

As usual, we were flying with IndiGo and for the first time in my travel history, the takeup delayed for 2 hours, so we reach late. Gyan Bhai was there to drop Kar Bhai, but by that time, I was inside, so I couldn't meet him.

We reached Mumbai late and by that time, Tito dada's aircraft on its runway, so we wait for him and we three headed toward the Hotel. It was evening and the traffic was huge. Though I have more traffic in Bangalore, so it was okay for me. But it took more than one hour to cross just 12 kilometers.

We reach around 6.45 pm and we had exactly 15 minutes to start the Introduction, meet and greet. So quickly, put my bag in my room after check-in and then joined with others. There I met some wikimedians from different communities for the 1st time.

There were Krishna Chaitanya Velaga, Tito Dutta and Tanveer Hasan, Loganathan whom I knew and met before. Balaji J, Bodhisattwa, Thamizhpparithi Maari, Ranjith Siji, and Arun Ganesh were there, whom I met for the 1st time.

Balaji did some fabulous work, so, Asaf gave him this T-Shirt.

After 7 to 9 discussions, where we came to know about each other. There we had a general conversation on Wikidata such as recent global developments in Wikidata. After that, we went for dinner. 

The main and best discussion always happens on food tables. But this was not like that, we were discussing about some random problems with Wikidata and all were listening from this handsome guy with the beard. I would tell about him later.

And here is the dinner plate. Yes, I was hungry, so grabbed lots of things on my plate. All were busy with their conversations and I was busy with finishing all these things and listening to them.

After finishing the dinner plate, while I was looking for the dessert, Tanveer da was there, so while having these we talked about lots of things like why I left Bangalore, what I'm doing, how was my exam, about his life, about his next seminar, everything.

Day- 1

Our day 1 started with some good and delicious breakfast. But before that, I went to the gym with Balaji J, my roommate. He did some of his regular exercises and also taught me some basic things and introduced me to some machines and the type of exercises. 

Then I went for breakfast. There Mrutyunjay Bhai joined me and as usual, we discussed about those deleted articles which I had created during the #100WikiWomenDays and later during my 1st WikiYear.

Then our meeting started where I found this "Meeting in progress for Tito". Everybody came to the meeting room by 9.30 am. Again after a formal introduction about the program of the day, Asaf started the discussion.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mahir joined us over a video call. Since he is staying abroad, so couldn't join us physically but joined us over calls sometimes.

I came to know about Wikipedia in 2013, then in 2014, I started editing and later knew about Wikisource. And last year came to know about Wikidata when Asaf did the WikYatra. Since I was staying in Bangalore, I couldn't join the training at Bhubaneswar and unfortunately, I didn't have any idea about the Mangalore training, so I couldn't join there too. So, this year, when I attended the TTT, Gopala Krishna had taught me some basics of Wikidata, but I could learn it properly.

But in July when I was at Bhubaneswar for OdiaWiki16, Mrutyunjay Bhai had taught me how to edit on Wikidata and then I  love to edit there. During Wikidata Label-a-thon, I did around 4000 edits. But at this meeting, I came to know about a new project Lexeme.

The Lexeme is a new project on Wikidata to add a word on Wikidata which is like Wiktionary, but here it is open source. He taught us the contributing process to Lexeme and the future prospects of Lexeme.

The 1st section of Day 1 completed with the Lexeme part around 11.15 am. It's an interesting project. After the 1st section, we took a tea break of 15 minutes, but it became 30.

After the tea break, around 11.45 am we started Intermediate SPARQL. SPARQL is a query language like ORACLE used on Wikidata for the search process. For the pre-work, we had watched some videos on SPARQL, but here we revised that one with some hands-on examples.

The coding process for this language is not so hard, it's quite simple and easy. Though I never read ORACLE except for the insert, search and delete table queries, but this seems to be simple and would be easier with some more practice. The 1st part of SPARQL completed by 1.30 pm and we all went for lunch.

As I had mentioned before, the food table is the perfect place to discuss lots of internal things, own community discussions. So, we were discussing the issues we face with edits, local language contributions, etc.

After lunch, we continued the SPARQL part which was finished by 3.30 pm. And again took a tea-break for 30 minutes. From 4 to 6 pm, I learned about Tabernacle, Tools for Sheets, and SQID. And then the meeting was over for the day. But the meeting room was open, so others could practice things there.

Arun Ganesh

I was talking about this handsome young man, Arun Ganesh. I met him here for the 1st time, so I thought he is a Wikimedian like us. But when Asaf introduced him to us, I feel really proud of him. In 2009, when the Wikidata project was in a planning stage, Wikimedia Foundation was looking for the perfect logo for this project and he is the man who had designed the Wikidata logo.

Wikidata simplified lots of things now and when I learned about this project, it helped me in lots of things, but when I came to know that the designer of the logo is an Indian, it is the next level.

After a day with lots of learning activities, we all discussed lots of things from Project Tiger to local language projects and many more things during that evening and then all had our dinner together.

Day- 2

On the morning of day 2, I and Balaji woke up late, because we were discussing the experiences with the project tiger and his works up to the late night.

The meeting for this day was planned to start by 9 am, so we hurried up to the breakfast table. At the breakfast table, I met Mrutyunjay Bhai.

All these choco flakes and fruits I brought with him because all these things are the secrets of this good looking and healthy lifestyle.

But, I realized, I'm different, so ordered this Masala Dosa. Now it feels like my type. Since we had to finish the meeting at 5 pm, we have to start as quickly as possible. Somehow we start sharp at 9.00 am.

Another big part of this training after SPARQL was Open Refining. Open Refining, a software that matches the data with existing items and adds the values if it is available and creates a new item for non-existing items.

From 9 to 11, we had learned to arrange the data on a sheet, which Asaf calls Data Massaging. Then with half an hour of tea break, we did the Mix'n'Match process on Open Refining and learned its automatic scrapers. Though this software doesn't support on Chromebook, I joined Mrutyunjay Bhai and saw the whole process.

This process was really time taking. We just tried with very few data, but the leaning process would help to update lots of data with less time. After finishing this session we went for lunch at 1.30. We were running out of time but happily took one hour for lunch.

File:Advanced Wikidata Training Mumbai December 2018.jpg

Before Lunch, we took the group selfie. Someone for the hotel staff had taken this one from the 1st floor and we all were there holding a bag with Wikidata Logo.

At the Lunch table Tanveer da and Krishna had joined me, so here the cakes and sweets with Tanveer da's choice. It's not a choice, we tasted one dish each, so it looks much on plate.

After lunch, we discussed about the Wikidata project in India and it's future. And then Asaf had shown some good and interesting things about Wikidata; how people are using wikidata for their websites, how some games were designed with Wikidata. We had to finish by 5, but we took little more time.

After the meeting, I went to meet a friend there and when we reached for dinner, Asaf was about to leave, so I requested him to sign on that bag of mine. Then we took some photos with him.

Finally, Asaf left for his room and in the night he had his return flight. After that, we had our dinner together.

Return Time:

It was our return time from the event. I woke up early in the morning and then made some tea for me. I called Kar Bhai and decided to leave by 9.

By that time, the breakfast was ready, so we quickly had our breakfast and say bye to those, who had late flights.

Our take up time was at 10.30 am, so I and Mrutyunjay Bhai had left the hotel by 9 am. But before that, we took some photos there in front of the hotel. 

There is a running water system falling from the top on the front glass, where I took this photo of Mrutyunjay Bhai. You could see that on the video below.

Saturday 15 December 2018

I met Sambeet Bhai in Mumbai

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I met Sambeet Bhai in Mumbai

Do you know this person with me? He is our Sambeet Das, who draws the cover photos for Shubhapallaba e-magazines.  He was there with his daughter Trisha and his wife Leena Bhauja.

Since the plan for the end of the meeting of the Advance Wikidata Training by 5 pm of that evening, but it took some more time. So, I miss the last session which was an informal session with some personal discussions. Since Mrutyunjay Kar bhai was there, I just left to meet him.

Sambeet bhai with family came to the Inorbit mall which is near to this hotel. Actually, it's on the backside of the hotel. Before that, I haven't entered such a big mall, so I was confused about which side I have to enter. So, Sambeet bhai had come and taken me from the entrance gate.

Since it was Sunday, the life for the food court was really huge. Sambeet bhai had gone to bring something and we three had some conversation. Then, we all went to the Crossword for some comic book, but unfortunately, we didn't find which one we were looking for.

For Christmas, the hotels and malls are decorated with the Christmas Tree with attractive lights. So, we took some photos there too. Then, I returned back to the hotel. Sambeet Bhai also left for Navi Mumbai.

Tuesday 4 December 2018

1WikiYear on Odia Wikisource

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1WikiYear on Odia Wikisource
In 2014, I add one article in English Wiki, then translated them to Odia Wiki. In those days, I didn't have much idea how to write properly in Odia and I had a bad typing speed. So Subhashish bhai had advised me to write one book on Wikisource.

That book helped me to know more about my language and now I could type with my hands only. Again he added me to this group and I started the #100wikidays from 8 March 2017 on Wikipedia.

On 3rd December 2017, we celebrated the 3rd anniversary of Wikisource and I saw I wasn't active since May. So decided to write at least one page every day and started writing from 5th December 2017. At that time I used to type one old Odia book which was in the old script which is not supported by OCR. 

Then finished that book and continued it for proofreading one book with the new script which was written by OCR. Till now I'm doing this for Odia Wikipedia and Wikisource every day.

Today, on 4th December 2018, I had completed the #1wikiyear on Wikisource too. This Wiki year on Wikisource is not that much attractive, but it was like a commitment to edit at least one page every day. Now, this thing became the part of my life. Every day before my sleep I check and recalled whether I have written the article on both the projects.

Monday 5 November 2018

Bring a smile on MY FACE

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Bring a smile on MY FACE

From my childhood, I love to eat everything except 2/3 things (vegetables). I never wish to waste food. Even I throw foods just 3/4 times in my life, I mean after my 3rd class and that for some food which we couldn't eat. Before that I haven't remembered. But, the main thing is, there are lots of people who couldn't able to prepare their food for one time and we are wasting lots of food.

And when I got a chance to prepare some food, I've tried my best to prepare good food in taste, look, everything. And everytime, I've tried to prepare as much as we need. In these 23 years of my life, I've seen lots of things but not experienced everything. I saw this world in my point of views, I wanted to see the good things in my life, not ignoring the bad things, but by destroying bad things only good and positive things. 

In our 10th class, there was a chapter named "A hunger free world", where everybody could eat only once in a day. Before that I had seen things, but never realised the importance of those small things, the importance of those silly mistakes we are doing in our life. 

It's Diwali season and lots of people are busy in doing lots of shopping and some are wasting lots of money in different fields just to show our status, power to others. It's their life, their wealth, so they should do what they wish to do, but from those, everything is not their only. They should take care of those things. I had never opposed to crack bomb, but I have a fobia with loud sound, loud music and if somebody makes a loud noise, in that point my mind stops working and I know how I control it. It's a free countery, you have all the rights to do, but you don't have any right to distrurb me. 

You have lots of money, so you could waste lots of food and the municipality has the power to through them out of the city i.e. the entrance of the city. Have you ever feel that bad smell? Have you ever see those people who don't have a home to stay? They started staying on a open field and the Government started throughing garbage on that field. They are doing lots of projects for them and making their home a garbage hill. 

In my life, I couldn't help any poor people, just because of my problems, but I wish I wouldn't be the cause of their problems. In this Diwali, make a promise to make someone happy. Just try to make someone happy and see the magic. You have lots of cloths which are going to waste, just give them to some poor people and then see that happiness on their face. You have enough money to distribute sweets, just buy extra two packets (not the expensive one) for them, who couldn't get food for one day. You have enough money to buy fire crackers, in that money, buy one stree light or something for them who couldn't afford for the electricity. 

And if you do something like this in Diwali, then go and watch the sky at 11 or 12 pm in that night after the Diwali evening and you could see the starts. I'm saying this, because last year I hadn't see the starts in the Diwali night, on which night the starts glows the most. I wish this year I may see the stars on the sky and I wish that smile would come again on MY FACE when I see the sky.

Saturday 3 November 2018

Finally Met La Krizolina and Armin at Puri

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Finally Met La Krizolina and Armin at Puri

La Krizolina, a friend from German Wikipedia. In March 2017, when I started writing for 100wikidays challenge in Odia Wikipedia, I saw her id on the Facebook group and sent a request there. From that day, we became friends and then we started our conversations through messengers and I have shared lots of things with her. I have one wish to meet her and it came true when she informed that she is coming to India with her hubby. 

So, we planned to meet at Puri during their 5 days stay. So, on 2nd November 2018, I went from Bhadrak to Puri and Tapas Bhai was also there with me. Since I hadn't gone puri alone, so I called Tapas Bhai to reach there. Around 12.30 pm I reached the bus stand and Tapas Bhai was waiting there. Then we went to the sea beach, where they were staying.

Yes, I forgot to mention about Isabella, one small cute penguin, the member of Wikimedia cuteness association traveling with her. After our 1st meet at Puri sea beach, we went for our Lunch to the nearest restaurant. They love to eat our local foods, so ordered some basic veg thali. 

After our lunch, we went to the sea beach and planned to go to the nearest park, Gandhi Park. At the sea beach, we clicked some photos and then tried to find the way to the park. 

But the park was closed and we found one gate, which was under construction and one closed from Inside and the previous gate was closed by bricks. 

Look, how they closed it.
After lots of trials and we walked around 20 to 30 minutes to find the way we all were sweating like hell. So, we drop the plan to go to the park and went to the nearest coffee shop. 

In that coffee shop, we had good conversations and they show their coins. After that, we had to leave because we were running out of time. I had to return home on the same and day and also before time. So, rush to the temple and then we returned back.

It was a great time with them and of course, I love to meet them again and in some time, I would invite them to my home.

Friday 2 November 2018

Visited Jagannath Temple, Puri

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Visited Jagannath Temple, Puri
Today, i.e. on 2nd November 2018, I went to Puri to meet some of my friends there. After meeting them, I went to the Jagannath Temple. Tapas bhai was there with me, but he didn't go inside. So I went there alone. 

To go inside, now devotees have to go through the Dhadi Darsan (Go By Line) and just went in and then returned quickly. Due to Dhadi Darsan, I couldn't return by the Sindha dwara, the east side of the temple. So, I came out through the southern side of the temple and couldn't bring the Boga from the temple. So, we bought some from outside. 

Then we took some photos of Srimandinara. Previously when we had visited Puri, we left our phone, camera, etc inside the car, but this time we had our mobile phones with us, so captured some beautiful photos. There are lots of photos of Jagannath Temple captured by a number of people, but I had to click some. So clicked some and here are those.