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Saturday, 15 December 2018

I met Sambeet Bhai in Mumbai

Do you know this person with me? He is our Sambeet Das, who draws the cover photos for Shubhapallaba e-magazines.  He was there with his daughter Trisha and his wife Leena Bhauja.

Since the plan for the end of the meeting of the Advance Wikidata Training by 5 pm of that evening, but it took some more time. So, I miss the last session which was an informal session with some personal discussions. Since Mrutyunjay Kar bhai was there, I just left to meet him.

Sambeet bhai with family came to the Inorbit mall which is near to this hotel. Actually, it's on the backside of the hotel. Before that, I haven't entered such a big mall, so I was confused about which side I have to enter. So, Sambeet bhai had come and taken me from the entrance gate.

Since it was Sunday, the life for the food court was really huge. Sambeet bhai had gone to bring something and we three had some conversation. Then, we all went to the Crossword for some comic book, but unfortunately, we didn't find which one we were looking for.

For Christmas, the hotels and malls are decorated with the Christmas Tree with attractive lights. So, we took some photos there too. Then, I returned back to the hotel. Sambeet Bhai also left for Navi Mumbai.

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