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Monday, 5 November 2018

Bring a smile on MY FACE

From my childhood, I love to eat everything except 2/3 things (vegetables). I never wish to waste food. Even I throw foods just 3/4 times in my life, I mean after my 3rd class and that for some food which we couldn't eat. Before that I haven't remembered. But, the main thing is, there are lots of people who couldn't able to prepare their food for one time and we are wasting lots of food.

And when I got a chance to prepare some food, I've tried my best to prepare good food in taste, look, everything. And everytime, I've tried to prepare as much as we need. In these 23 years of my life, I've seen lots of things but not experienced everything. I saw this world in my point of views, I wanted to see the good things in my life, not ignoring the bad things, but by destroying bad things only good and positive things. 

In our 10th class, there was a chapter named "A hunger free world", where everybody could eat only once in a day. Before that I had seen things, but never realised the importance of those small things, the importance of those silly mistakes we are doing in our life. 

It's Diwali season and lots of people are busy in doing lots of shopping and some are wasting lots of money in different fields just to show our status, power to others. It's their life, their wealth, so they should do what they wish to do, but from those, everything is not their only. They should take care of those things. I had never opposed to crack bomb, but I have a fobia with loud sound, loud music and if somebody makes a loud noise, in that point my mind stops working and I know how I control it. It's a free countery, you have all the rights to do, but you don't have any right to distrurb me. 

You have lots of money, so you could waste lots of food and the municipality has the power to through them out of the city i.e. the entrance of the city. Have you ever feel that bad smell? Have you ever see those people who don't have a home to stay? They started staying on a open field and the Government started throughing garbage on that field. They are doing lots of projects for them and making their home a garbage hill. 

In my life, I couldn't help any poor people, just because of my problems, but I wish I wouldn't be the cause of their problems. In this Diwali, make a promise to make someone happy. Just try to make someone happy and see the magic. You have lots of cloths which are going to waste, just give them to some poor people and then see that happiness on their face. You have enough money to distribute sweets, just buy extra two packets (not the expensive one) for them, who couldn't get food for one day. You have enough money to buy fire crackers, in that money, buy one stree light or something for them who couldn't afford for the electricity. 

And if you do something like this in Diwali, then go and watch the sky at 11 or 12 pm in that night after the Diwali evening and you could see the starts. I'm saying this, because last year I hadn't see the starts in the Diwali night, on which night the starts glows the most. I wish this year I may see the stars on the sky and I wish that smile would come again on MY FACE when I see the sky.

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