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Monday 20 August 2018

Wikidata Label-a-thon

Sangram Keshari Senapati August 20, 2018 0
Wikidata Label-a-thon
Wikidata label-a-thon was 5 days label-a-thon on Wikidata starting from 15th August 2018 to 19th August 2018. With this label-a-thon, we had changed the label to our own language of the items in Wikidata. The items included some Indian topics, like freedom fighters, Sahitya Academy award winners, etc. 

I'm in Bangalore and at the same time, our Odia community is organizing one edit-a-thon as Indian Independence day edit-a-thon from 13th August to 20th August 2018. I'm the moderator, initiators of that edit-a-thon in Odia community, so I've to keep an eye on that as well as had to work on the label-a-thon.

Wikidata is different, it needs a little bit faster internet connection and the speed is terrible in my room, so as per the advice of Tito da I went to the CIS-A2K office. On the 1st day mean on 15th August I did at my room, the net speed wasn't good, but managed to do some. In the night, the net speed became normal and that helped me to do some.

16th August 2018: It was the 2nd day of the label-a-thon and I reached the CIS-A2K office by 12 pm. Tito da wasn't there, Gopala and Tanveer were there in the office. Others were there in the office, but I don't know them.

So, we started working, but I had reached late. So, after some time we went for lunch. It was Thursday and I don't eat non-veg on that day. Gopala eats veg always, so Tanveer had joined us too. So, went to Bhagini, the nearest restaurant to the CIS office. We took the buffet there, which costs 250/- only. Here are some snaps.

Tomato Sorba

It was for Tanveer da

My favorite part: Deserts
After lunch, we returned back to the office and again I started working on the label-a-thon about the Sahitya Academy award winners list. After some time, Tanvee da had left for some meetings. So Gopala, I and Akruti (one member of CIS working for some other projects) were there and after some time, Ananth had joined us.

Previously, Ananth had promised me to teach about some templates and use of Auto Wiki Browser. But my Chromebook is not supporting AWB, so he taught me about JWB (Java Wiki Browser), by which I could detect some mistakes and could edit from one page. 

After that Ananth and Gopala also left for a movie in the evening and I left the office after finishing the list on which I was working. I took the bus from Domlur bus stand to Marathahalli bridge. After facing lots of traffic, I reached my room and wrote the article for the 100wikidays and then check some articles written for our edit-a-thon.

18th August 2018: On 17th, I couldn't go to the office due to some work in my room. It was the 4th day of the label-a-thon and I had to reach before 11 am. But, couldn't get a cab from 10 am to 10.45 am. Somehow got one OLA cab and the traffic was terrible. So, the cab driver changed the route to the office and reached 15 minutes late.

By that time, Tito da had reached. We started working on the label-a-thon quickly. Tito da hadn't eaten anything in breakfast, so he ordered some Samosa from Swiggy. Within 30 minutes, it was delivered. 

Then Gopala and Tanveer da had joined us. Since it was Saturday, the office was off, but there was some meeting on the ground floor. Tanveer da and Gopala also joined us in the label-a-thon. It was to work there.

Gopala Krishna A. (Clicked without his notice)
Tito Dutta (Clicked without his notice)
Clicked by Gopala
Tanveer Hasan (He hadn't noticed, otherwise he might cover his face)
Then we went to Nandhini for our lunch. I was in that restaurant during Project Tiger Edit-a-thon at Bangalore. So, here are some snaps from the lunch.

Tanveer da. (He had noticed the camera and did this)

After lunch, we back to the office and everybody got busy in the label-a-thon. Till that, I was working on the Sahitya Academy awards list. The list was huge, so it took lots of time and for the south Indian names weren't so easy. Thanks to Tanveer da, he had helped in many cases and he was also working on the same list. Around 8.00 pm, they all left except Tito da and me.

Tito da was holding Tanveer's hand so he couldn't cover his face for the group selfie.
After they left, I had checked our edit-a-thon articles, recent edits on that, etc. And around 9.30 pm, Tito da and I left together for dinner. We went to Tito da's favorite Esplanade, one Bengali restaurant which was 2 kilometers away from the CIS-A2K office. And there we had some good delicious Bengali style food.

This treat at Esplanade was from Tito da for the VLOG I made at Wiki Advanced Training at Ranchi. He was super happy for that video and he is the 1st one, who appreciated a lot for my work. And by 11.30 pm, I returned to my room and he was there and continued the work in the night and stayed in the office. And I wrote the 100wikidays article when I reached my room.

19th August 2018: It was the last day of the label-a-thon and there was a meet up of Kannada Wikimedians. I was there on the ground floor and was working in the label-a-thon. There is a separate Blog for the Kannada Wiki Meetup, you can check that blog for more things about this day. Here I'm posting about the Label-a-thon part. 

I had completed the full list of Sahitya Academy award, but a new list updated then, so a little bit skipped by the end of this project. I had completed my 5000 edits in Wikidata and 4000 edits in these 5 days. In the edit count list, I'm at the top.

Sunday 19 August 2018

Kannada Wiki Meetup - August 2018

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Kannada Wiki Meetup - August 2018
On the 19th of August in 2018, means today, there was a meetup of Kannada Wikimedians at the CIS-A2K office in Bangalore. The Wikidata label-a-thon was running from 15th to 19th of August and this was the last day. For the Wikidata label-a-thon, I was going to the office and Gopala had asked me to join for the meetup. So I agreed to be there on time.

But due to the cabs, I reached late and joined them. They had discussed lots of things there and I was busy with my work on Wikidata and the project in Odia Wikipedia. But I had to join them in the afternoon for some help in Wikidata label-a-thon. 

Nimaji, the security person had prepared the tea and coffee for us and I prefer tea more than tea, so took one. Their meeting starts with the Wiki Advanced Training in Ranchi. Mallikarjun and Vikas Hegde from their community who joined the WAT described those things which we learned in Ranchi. Then they discussed their achievements, some community works, tasks, etc. 

Around 1.30 pm, we left for the Lunch and did at Nandini, the nearest restaurant to the CIS office. 

The food was Kerala style food and as usual, the taste was awesome, but for me it was spicy. I love all the food and especially the sweetest items they serve.

Then the meeting resumed and I had joined Vinay, one fellow Wikimedian from Mysore for the Wikidata edits help. Some of them had a basic idea and others learned how to edit in Wikidata and Tito dada had described why should we edit in Wikidata. Then before everyone left, I took one group, since I'm not from their community and we took one selfie with them all.

After that, some had left and some stayed with us and we did some edits for the label-a-thon. I had finished the article for the day in Odia Wikipedia as well as in Wikisource. Then we did dinner together at the same restaurant. 

After dinner, everybody left and my cab arrived late, so I say goodbye to everyone and then reach my room and wrote this one. 

Tuesday 7 August 2018

My Best Friend

Sangram Keshari Senapati August 07, 2018 0
My Best Friend

Around 11 years back, I went to a new school and there on the very first day, I was interacting with new friends from other schools. And you may notice the attitude of the new joining students in a new school. That thing was happening to me. Since that school is near to my home, that was as normal and old school for me, but other student’s behavior was terrible.

So, the 1st day went like this and on the 2nd day, I saw one girl sitting on the backbench. It was the recess and she was tensed due to some reason may be. I couldn’t ask her about the problem, but that face captured through my mind camera and I asked one of my friends about her, he told her name. She was from the nearby village, where I never went and he described the route to her home too.

Every day, I went to the school and saw that girl sitting exactly on the same bench, the same place and was noticing every situation of her. I don’t know why I was attracted to her. Time was flying as per its rule and one year passed like a blink of my eye. We went to the next class and I became friends with everybody except that girl, but I never miss one class to see her.

In the new class, once the teacher asked us one question and for her, I shifted my bench from the 1st row to the middle to sit near to her. And for that moment I was waiting for the last one year came with that question of the teacher. She didn’t have any idea about that question and I show the answer by writing it on a paper and she answered it smartly.

After the class, she gave me a thankful look and in the recess when I was writing something about her on my diary, she came to me and said “Thank You” in a sweet voice. Before that, I heard her voice, but that day the pitch was too high and the sweetness was out of my expectation. Then we became friends and most of the time, we exchanged our storybooks, notes, etc.

Like this again one year completed and we came more closure to each other. Most of our friends were saying lots of things about us and as usual, we were ignoring them. In the final year, we taught each other and discussed lots of doubts. Our board exam went well and the time came to say goodbye to those old friends, teachers, school and of course to her.

On the farewell day, some friends were happy, some were unhappy, and the girls were crying. That day, we were sitting together and in the meeting, everybody sharing their experiences and some do apologize for the mistakes they did in those three years. I was waiting for the last. Before me, she shared her words and 40% of her speech was about me. Then I went on the stage and I don’t know why I started crying thereafter her speech. Before that, I was not happy but at that moment, tears started fallen down from my eyes. I couldn’t say one word there and I forgot everything on which I had prepared before.

Then one of our favorite teachers came to me and she also came to the stage again. At that moment everybody was in shock and some other also started weeping. Both of them hugged me. That was the 1st time she hugged me. Then I just could say a few words there and they both were standing next to me.

When I returned from the stage, she was holding my hand and all the teachers shared their speech with us. Until the end of the meeting, she was holding my hand. After the end of the meeting, everybody left for home and we were sitting at our usual place.

It was time to say goodbye to everything and had to left with those three-year memories. I didn’t want to left without saying my feelings to her but afraid of losing my best friend. All of her friends from her village had left already, so I wish to give a company to her home. On the way, we were walking silently both were waiting to break the ice.

She started first and asked those words which I wanted to tell her three years back and she scolded me too for not saying those for since long. There was a smile on our face. We reached her home and she started talking about the full day story to her mother in front of me.

More than 8 years passed from that day, but nothing has changed between us. Now, we are also best friends. We couldn’t attend the same college after that, but every day we talk over the mobile. During the vacations, we went out together, we did parties at her home, at my home. She would be my best friend in the future too.

Thank You….

Sunday 8 July 2018

Odia Wiki 16: Day 2

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Odia Wiki 16: Day 2
The day 2 of Odia Wiki 16 started another knock by Mrutyunjay Kar bhai. It was around 6 to 6.30 in the morning and we woke up. He was there for some casual talk but asked me about Wikidata. I didn't have any knowledge about Wikidata. There was a workshop about Wikidata by Asof, but at that time I was absent. Again at Mysore, Gopala had taught me a little bit about Wikidata, but I couldn't understand. 

So, he taught me a little bit about Wikidata and described me, why should we use Wikidata. We did some edits that time and then I got the basic idea about Wikidata and how to edit Wikidata items. Then we freshen up and got ready for the breakfast.

So for the day 2, I was wearing the new T-shirt made for the event. The front side of the t-shirt was filled by one Wikipedia article written in Odia. The article is about Odia Wikipedia (ଓଡ଼ିଆ ଉଇକିପିଡ଼ିଆ). It's quite interesting, people would definitely stop you and wish to read what written on it. And we printed this id card from Bangalore, which we collected on 4th July. And tripod connected to my camera was borrowed from Subhashish Bhai. I love its structure to hold for vlogging. 

After getting ready, we all went for our breakfast. It's Sunday and I'm not veg at all. So, today you could see the non-veg items on my plate. 

So, the day 2 started with Sailesh. He had shared some basic goals for the coming year. In that plan, On wiki development, Existing Community development, how New Editors would join, how we could reach New Readers, etc.

Then Dr. Subas Chandra Rout sir had joined. He was absent yesterday due to some problem. He had shared some of his experiences and some basic structure we should follow while writing an article in Wikipedia. What basic things an article should have like, proper pinpointed statement, references, etc.

File:Presentation on WikiProject Med by Subas Chandra Rout during Odia Wikipedia 16.jpg

Then Mrutyunjay bhai had described some more structure like why we use templates in an article, what should we place in an article, how we could import or translate a template etc. After that, we continued that four-part discussion from yesterday. And then we had shared some basic ideas how could all could resolve those problems. Then we took a quick tea break.

After that Sailesh had shared the goals achieved by Odia Wiki community in a collaboration with CIS-A2K. And discussed the projects which we did previously and how we could learn from those, how we should concentrate on the Tungis (small communities) to grow our community. Then we had discussed the projects on which we participated last year and how others should participate and why they should participate in those projects, etc.

After that, we took our lunch break, but before that, we cut the cake for the 16th Anniversary. Dr. Subas Chandra Rout, senior most editor, and Gayatree Tripathy, Junior most editor cut the cake.

File:Odia Wikipedia 16 - Day 2 (13).jpg

File:Odia Wikipedia 16 - Day 2 (22).jpg

File:Odia Wikipedia 16 - Day 2 (25).jpg

File:Odia Wikipedia 16 - Day 2 (28).jpg

Then we went for the lunch. Like yesterday, the Lunch was planned at the hotel itself. During the lunchtime, we couldn't get much time for chit-chat. But managed to get some time for some basic conversations.

After the lunch, we had discussed the individual plans for the coming year. All those things had documented on Etherpad. Yes, on day 2, I couldn't add much to the etherpad, but others had added them. Then I had shared my experiences for the 100wikidays and the wiki year work. And also shared, why should we take part in that challenge for both Wikipedia and Wikisource.

Then Dr. Subas Ch. Rout had shared his experiences of how he started translating the medical articles and why he is adding them consistently. Then Aliva Sahoo and Silesh Patnaik had shared the experiences about the Wikipedia Asian Month 2016 and 2017.

Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, Ryan Merkley, the CEO of creative commons and Katherine Maher, Executive Director, Wikimedia Foundation had sent their greetings message from the Odia Wiki 16. We played those in front of all.

File:Odia Wikimedians listening to Ryan Merkley's message during Odia Wikipedia 16.jpg

After that, we had discussed to start some new projects or restart the inactive old projects. I wish to start the Odia Film project, within which we could add all the movie list and should add more references, etc. Aliva Sahoo for Food, Sashank Sekhar for God/Goddess, etc. Some of our members had shared their problem why they are not active in Wikipedia projects.

After that, we were live on Facebook for some time. This was our 1st Facebook live and we didn't have much idea about Facebook live. So, in that small period of time, we had shared some things about Odia Wikipedia.

Then the event officially winded off after a group photo and I took a leave for my home. Diptiman Bhai come to the bus stop and it was all fun and I learned lots of things from this event too.

This was all about our day 2 and now sharing some more photos.

File:Sangram Keshari Senapati, Chinmayee Mishra, and Gayatree Tripathy at Odia Wikipedia 16, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.jpg

File:Odia Wikipedia 16 - Day 2 (48).jpg