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Sunday 19 August 2018

Kannada Wiki Meetup - August 2018

On the 19th of August in 2018, means today, there was a meetup of Kannada Wikimedians at the CIS-A2K office in Bangalore. The Wikidata label-a-thon was running from 15th to 19th of August and this was the last day. For the Wikidata label-a-thon, I was going to the office and Gopala had asked me to join for the meetup. So I agreed to be there on time.

But due to the cabs, I reached late and joined them. They had discussed lots of things there and I was busy with my work on Wikidata and the project in Odia Wikipedia. But I had to join them in the afternoon for some help in Wikidata label-a-thon. 

Nimaji, the security person had prepared the tea and coffee for us and I prefer tea more than tea, so took one. Their meeting starts with the Wiki Advanced Training in Ranchi. Mallikarjun and Vikas Hegde from their community who joined the WAT described those things which we learned in Ranchi. Then they discussed their achievements, some community works, tasks, etc. 

Around 1.30 pm, we left for the Lunch and did at Nandini, the nearest restaurant to the CIS office. 

The food was Kerala style food and as usual, the taste was awesome, but for me it was spicy. I love all the food and especially the sweetest items they serve.

Then the meeting resumed and I had joined Vinay, one fellow Wikimedian from Mysore for the Wikidata edits help. Some of them had a basic idea and others learned how to edit in Wikidata and Tito dada had described why should we edit in Wikidata. Then before everyone left, I took one group, since I'm not from their community and we took one selfie with them all.

After that, some had left and some stayed with us and we did some edits for the label-a-thon. I had finished the article for the day in Odia Wikipedia as well as in Wikisource. Then we did dinner together at the same restaurant. 

After dinner, everybody left and my cab arrived late, so I say goodbye to everyone and then reach my room and wrote this one. 

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