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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

My Best Friend

Around 11 years back, I went to a new school and there on the very first day, I was interacting with new friends from other schools. And you may notice the attitude of the new joining students in a new school. That thing was happening to me. Since that school is near to my home, that was as normal and old school for me, but other student’s behavior was terrible.

So, the 1st day went like this and on the 2nd day, I saw one girl sitting on the backbench. It was the recess and she was tensed due to some reason may be. I couldn’t ask her about the problem, but that face captured through my mind camera and I asked one of my friends about her, he told her name. She was from the nearby village, where I never went and he described the route to her home too.

Every day, I went to the school and saw that girl sitting exactly on the same bench, the same place and was noticing every situation of her. I don’t know why I was attracted to her. Time was flying as per its rule and one year passed like a blink of my eye. We went to the next class and I became friends with everybody except that girl, but I never miss one class to see her.

In the new class, once the teacher asked us one question and for her, I shifted my bench from the 1st row to the middle to sit near to her. And for that moment I was waiting for the last one year came with that question of the teacher. She didn’t have any idea about that question and I show the answer by writing it on a paper and she answered it smartly.

After the class, she gave me a thankful look and in the recess when I was writing something about her on my diary, she came to me and said “Thank You” in a sweet voice. Before that, I heard her voice, but that day the pitch was too high and the sweetness was out of my expectation. Then we became friends and most of the time, we exchanged our storybooks, notes, etc.

Like this again one year completed and we came more closure to each other. Most of our friends were saying lots of things about us and as usual, we were ignoring them. In the final year, we taught each other and discussed lots of doubts. Our board exam went well and the time came to say goodbye to those old friends, teachers, school and of course to her.

On the farewell day, some friends were happy, some were unhappy, and the girls were crying. That day, we were sitting together and in the meeting, everybody sharing their experiences and some do apologize for the mistakes they did in those three years. I was waiting for the last. Before me, she shared her words and 40% of her speech was about me. Then I went on the stage and I don’t know why I started crying thereafter her speech. Before that, I was not happy but at that moment, tears started fallen down from my eyes. I couldn’t say one word there and I forgot everything on which I had prepared before.

Then one of our favorite teachers came to me and she also came to the stage again. At that moment everybody was in shock and some other also started weeping. Both of them hugged me. That was the 1st time she hugged me. Then I just could say a few words there and they both were standing next to me.

When I returned from the stage, she was holding my hand and all the teachers shared their speech with us. Until the end of the meeting, she was holding my hand. After the end of the meeting, everybody left for home and we were sitting at our usual place.

It was time to say goodbye to everything and had to left with those three-year memories. I didn’t want to left without saying my feelings to her but afraid of losing my best friend. All of her friends from her village had left already, so I wish to give a company to her home. On the way, we were walking silently both were waiting to break the ice.

She started first and asked those words which I wanted to tell her three years back and she scolded me too for not saying those for since long. There was a smile on our face. We reached her home and she started talking about the full day story to her mother in front of me.

More than 8 years passed from that day, but nothing has changed between us. Now, we are also best friends. We couldn’t attend the same college after that, but every day we talk over the mobile. During the vacations, we went out together, we did parties at her home, at my home. She would be my best friend in the future too.

Thank You….

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