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Friday 6 July 2018

Reached Bhubaneswar for Odia Wiki 16

As per our plan, we have to reach Bhubaneswar on 6th July so we could prepare something for the Odia Wiki 16 event. Previously I've mentioned the event and some work in the last blog. I'm traveling with Subhashish bhai from Bangalore.

Our flight was at 8.10 am through Indigo airlines. So, we have to reach the airport by 7.00 am. Again this time, he booked a cab for me from my PG to the airport with a halt at his home. So, I picked up him from this place and we both reached the airport. For the 1st time, I saw the web check-in systems at the airport. Yes, previously I saw those but hadn't know why those are used. So, Subha bhai selected 2 side seats in 3rd and 4th Row. Then we drop our luggage bags at the baggage drop counter. After that, we went for the security check. After the security check, both had our breakfast there. Then wait for our boarding at gate number 21.

Inside the aircraft, I had to exchange my seat with someone else, because his family was there in the 3rd row, so I shifted to the 5th row. And we landed safely, but during the landing, the break was so had, everyone got scared. The hard break was the first time for me.

After collecting our luggage, we took an Ola cab to the hotel and wait for some time for our check-in. I shared the room with Subha bhai. Yesterday, I had released the Wiki Advanced Training Vlog on my YouTube Channel. Everyone from the event appreciating the video. After the check-in in the hotel, I've improved the Bhaswati Basu article, on which I had added the deletion tag. Subha bhai had told about the article, and the works she did. So I've expanded that as per the actress style.

For the lunch, we had decided to go to the Ananta Basudev Temple. We took a cab to the temple, Prateek had joined us from his college. There we ate Abhada. As usual, the taste was awesome. For the 1st time, I saw that part of Bhubaneswar. Previously I hadn't seen the Bindu Sagar pond also. It was there next to the temple. Then we returned to the hotel by dropping Prateek at his home.

Then we slept for some time. Around 4.00 pm, Prateek had come and we had discussed some plans for the event. Then Sailesh, Gyana bhai, Chinmayee, and Diptiman bhai had joined. I went with Diptiman bhai to his home and brought the T-shirts and some other stuff. Then we had finished our dinner at the same hotel. After that Diptiman bhai and Chinmayee had left.

Then we had started to write the script for the learning session. After so much discussion, wrote the script for the introduction part. Subhashish bhai had brought all the stuff for the video making process. So, Prateek and he started recording, Sailesh and I hold the lights and Gyana bhai was our actor. It took more than 3 hours to record a 2-3 minutes video. That part was too much fun. Finally, slept around 3 O'clock, since we have to wake up early and should prepare all the stuff for the event.

File:Jnanaranjan Sahu during preparation for a Wikipedia tutorial shoot on 6 July 2018 before Odia Wikipedia's 16th anniversary.jpg

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