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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Pad Man- Movie Review

The story begins from the 4th night of a guy. He loved his wife more than his life. Sometimes, more and more love creates more problem. But his love is for a reason. He wanted to protect his wife from the dangerous diseases, but due to poverty, he couldn't buy the things which could protect her. So, he made some pad by himself, but those couldn't pass is his 1st experiment.

But, he tried many times with different techniques to prepare the pads. When the villagers knew about his experimental work, they threw him out of the village. Then, he went to learn some technique to make the pad. And finally, with a lot of struggle, he prepared a machine, which makes useable pads.

Then he attended a science exhibition in IIT, Delhi and got the president award. Then he decided to make pads and sell those at a low cost. Then he got call form foreigners for talk show and his villagers' finally accepted him with pride. The dialogue, I love from the movie is "Cheap". Nothing is cheap, we have to pay a lot to make something cheap.

Akshaya Kumar performed his role very well. Radhika and Sonam also played their role good. Other side characters perfomed their role accordingly. The story of the movies could written in a better way, but described in a proper way. Music of the movie is also good. The cinematography is very good, they showed everything properly.


  1. No doubt the actors are most fitted on their role. And the grt thing about the person Muruganantham, who analyse and observing the problem and made the machine in cheap price. In daily lyf we saw problems but we move on.