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Saturday 23 September 2017

Yoga to stay fit and fine

Yoga (Odia: Joga (ଯୋଗ)) is a physical, spiritual and mental discipline or practice. This was originated in India. There are different types of Yoga, which are developed by our memorable forefathers. India is now promoting Yoga by celebrating International day of Yoga on 21st June in every year. When some gurus like Baba Ramdev started live yoga classes in Television, this get more popularity throughout India. Every person started following him from the TV.

Yoga is really necessary to our health. Mainly Yoga makes us a healthy human being. It brings physical fitness along with the mental peace. There are various types of benefits you could get from Yoga. And there are different types of yoga techniques and training videos available on internet. Everyone needs to be fit and fine. Yoga is the one and only technique to fit physically and mentally. Also there are several Yoga techniques connected with our spirituals.

In my childhood, mainly in high school days, we used to do Yoga on every Saturday and this process is continuing till now. That teacher changed, but the process has not changed. Those process of drill class, Yoga class on every Saturday is now also continuing in our schools. 

During our +2 1st years, we used to do Yoga every morning under a physical education teacher. Those days are the memorable moments for us. We used to wake up early in the morning, then get prepare for the Yoga class. And the funny moment was when sir came with his whistle and wakes up the slept guys in the hostel. 

Today I got some photographs of our school students doing some Yoga; this reminded me some unforgettable moments in my life. I don’t have such pictures to see them and remind those days, but these photos took me to those days.

NB: Thank you Chitrabati Mam, the physical education teacher in our school for these lovely pictures. 


  1. Hi Gopu
    Is it it school??
    By d way keep it up...bahut bhala
    Eeiii pic dekhi mo piladina katha mane padi gala

    1. Hmm.. It's my own school. These pictures were shared by the new PET teacher.