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Saturday 9 September 2017

Miles to Go for a Happy Beginning

It's the book written by Anushka Agrewal. I get to know about her through Instagram, and then I just ordered that book form Amazon. This was her 1st book. I got that around 1.5 month back and read that around one month back. But unfortunately couldn’t manage time to write this. And finally I’m going to write a small overview review about her book. I’m not that much able to rate that book like professional book reviewers. But trying to focus on some of her writings through this.

The story of the book based on a love story. It started form school life and forwards to their young age. Roshni, the main character of the story is a young girl who used to love their parents and her grandparents along with her 2 best friends. Those best friends were there for her in every moment of life. They made her life a special one. I love one thing of the book is that, she is staying in Bhubaneswar. That girl had the desire to read well and make something in noticeable in future. So she always concentrated on her studies. Apart from studies, she wished to help her mother and spent some time with her friends. This was her routine life.

Once a boy joined in their class named as Garry. He was from Dubai. He was staying with his mother and his father was in Dubai. That boy was good looking and attractive. On the very first day, he tried to talk with Roshni. But one of her common friend who was studying in the previous school of Garry warned her about the nature of buy. So she avoided him. In a short period of time, Garry found a beautiful girlfriend. That girl was one of the most beautiful girl in their school. So, what Roshni heard from her friend in the other school has happened in real.

In those days, there was a planning for a trip to Himachal by the school authority. Roshni had never been in such trips previously. Yes, she went out with her two best friends, with her parents, but not with both boys and girls. But she managed to agree her parents for that trip. And finally they were happy for the trip. But, here the writer described the journey from Bhubaneswar to Himachal as one day journey, but in real that would take more time. In that journey she got closer with Garry and make friends with some new friends.

After the school trip she started spending time with Garry and a new friend added to their friend zone. They started reading together in school. Roshni, who never kept away anything from her mother, for the first time she didn’t tell her about her friendship with Garry. She always loved her parents and especially more to her father. Her father was on different tours due to their work. But she wished to be with him always. In her birthday, he came to surprise her and her friends also made some surprising plans to make her happy. That birthday was her best birthday celebration as she remembered.

In some days, Garry’s status changed to single and there were a number of rumors about him. But Roshni believed Garry. She didn’t have any idea, why she was supporting him blindly. But it’s nice to believe in word of her friend. Gradually she got attracted towards Garry and told these to her best friends and they also supported her. But she didn’t have to courage to approach him. Garry also felt the same for her. It’s the nature of this world, where every action has equal and opposite reaction. And there is another one, if you hate something, one day you must love that. This also happened with them. Roshni found her every dream at Garry and he was trying to make her happy and make her life a special one.

Once, they both planned a small trip to that place, where they came closer to each other. Roshni was very happy for that trip. It was just like their first official date. She told her mother and made her agree for that trip. Everyone loves to spend some time with their loved one. And it’s a day to spend with her loved one, she was really excited. And as per the plan, he picked up her from her home and they spent the whole day in that long drive. When they returned, Garry made a promise not to leave her hand in his whole life. And he left for his home.

Till now, there is nothing such change in the story, just a normal love story. But, now the twist came when Roshni didn’t get any message from her loved one. After leaving her, his phone was also switched off. She was worrying about him, but there was no response. Even she enquired about him, but couldn’t get any clue. His family left the house where they were living and his whats app status was also offline since days. There were many rumors in the school about her, her relationship and also about Garry. And she heard a shocking news, that he left the school and his mother took her transfer certificate.

The story of that mutual friend from the other school had become true. He left everyone, whom he got committed. But she was waiting for him. She had the believe that, one day he may call her and tell her about their love. And he called her once, but everything what she was expecting proved wrong. He warned her not to disturb him.

That’s most difficult time in someone’s life to forget someone whom he/she loved the most, who became his/her life. Time must take some tests in our life, that’s the time of time. Finally, that happened which she never expected. If something happen like that with anyone, at that time, he/she wanted to think about something else, but only that thing would come to his/her mind. That’s the same happened with her. She wished to not think about that guy, who left her like this. But, it is rule of nature; things related to him must come to her mind. But she needs to move on and go forward in her life for her parents, for her two best friends. That’s the main test in her life, she must have to make that mission impossible to possible one.

That’s the book was about her struggle to overcome that problem and the reasons of Garry to leave her. How she had managed to get her goals in the life. How her life had been changed after this heart break. The author, in such a young age, described everything in a very good way. That’s beautiful. We must appreciate that work of her.

-    A reader, who feels something special for this book.


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