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Friday 7 July 2017

#RasagolaDibasa 2017

Rasagola Dibasa Trend on Twitter

On the last day of #RathaJatra, Lord Jagannatha returns to his Ratna Singhasana. This process is called as #Niladribije. On this day, he offered Rasagola to his wife Maa Mahalaxmi as a present. I've written something about Rasagola Dibasa previously. In the year of Nabakalebara of Lord Jagannatha, Odia people wish to celebrate #RasagolaDibasa as this is offering to Maa Laxmi on this day. On 30th July 2015, the 1st Rasagola Dibasa celebrated in different places in Odisha as well as in the other places outside Odisha by the Odias.

Pahala, the famous place for the Rasagolas in Odisha a small place in between Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. There were different stalls for the Rasagola on this day in our capital as well as in some other cities. At that time more and more responses make a successful trend in twitter. Rasagola Dibasa was trending on No1 position in all over India. After that, some Bengalies stated, Rasagola was initiated in WestBengal. But with some references, that statement had been proved wrong. In Dandi Ramayana, Balarama Das wrote about Rasagola. Hence Rasagola is originated from Odisha. But, according to the taste and making process Rasagola and their Rosogulla are different. Let's leave that part.

After the successful campaign and celebration of 1st Rasagola Dibasa, last year we also celebrate it on the occasion of Niladribije of Lord Jagannatha. This year also, we celebrate Rasagola Dibasa for the 3rd time. But initially, there was no such response by the government and the media in Odisha. Even at the time of trending in the morning time they didn't post a tweet about Rasagola or Rasagola Dibasa. But, Rasagola Dibasa started trending in no 1 position by 8 am in the morning.

More number of Odia tweeple used the hashtag #RasagolaDibasa. Sand artist Sudarsana Pattnaik tweeted with his sand art about Rasagola Dibasa.

After that, some Bengali people tweeted something about Rasagola. Some created polls about Rasagola.
Some also criticized about Rasagola Diabasa. Sanjukta Basu, a lady from West Bengal also criticized the pronunciation of Rasagola.
For her tweet, some people arguing with her and then, she tweeted some photos form Chilika.
Again she also tweeted about the Origin of Rasagola is from Odisha.
Like that some National Media also tweeted about the confusion of Odisha and Bango disputes about Rasagola.

But our own state media didn't respond to this issue. So, I wrote to them also. They are the news media form Odisha and they should help to spread about Rasagola and Rasagola Dibasa in our state first. Due to a lack of promotion, more and more places and our cultures are going to die in our state. Odisha is the origin of Rasagola, but more and more in our state also believe that it was initiated from Bengal. At first, we have to spread all the news in our state first. So, they could believe in our own culture and our things. But, the media don't have time to telecast a report on Rasagola Dibasa, but they all telecast the same news at a time with their 1st tape video about some issue and telling repeatedly that, they got the 1st visuals. But the same visuals were telecasting in different channels also. In a 30 minutes news, they repeatedly told the same news, but don't have 1 to 2 minutes to say about Rasagola Dibasa.

Fortunately, some media people responded to my tweets and prepare some articles about the Rasagola and Rasagola Dibasa.

Sambit Dash, a reporter from OTV prepared an article about the trends of #PakhalaDibasa and #RasagolaDibasa in twitter.

Kanak News collect some interesting tweets about Rasagola Dibasa by our Odia tweeple and made an article.
Odisha Sun Times, an online media also prepared a report on Rasagola Dibasa. They collect the interview of Soumya Ranjan Pattnaik and Ashok Chandra Panda as well.
Kalinga TV also prepared a report about Rasagola Dibasa.

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