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Sunday 23 April 2017


Books are the things from which we can learn something as per our choice of time. Books are the sea of knowledge. Books are not only the printed paper materials, these are may be the pictured format from which we could get some knowledge. In a class we are coping something from the teachers and wrote them in the notebook from which we are can gain more knowledge since we couldn’t remind everything by listening.

If someone has some good knowledge, then we are taking the help from them to improve our knowledge. If we needs some knowledge from the 100 years, then we are going through the books which were written by the old people.

Books are helping us to get more knowledge in this life. Books are available in printed format and before that there were the palm leafs to write and store them for the future use. But palm leafs may get damaged within few years, so people preferred to the printed paper materials. But in this era of Internet, people prefer to the e-books. So there are many site which provides e-books and some of the books are also available with free of cost. The main advantage of this e-book system is reader could get the books as per their requirement and as per their preferred time. And the place to store the printed books must reduces by this e-book system. On this #WorldBookDay I must prefer e-books, since these books are available freely and as per our own time.

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